Dirty Secrets

Loving is easy but loving the man who doesn't even know you exists, your brothers best friend. Who's your brother oh Liam Payne from the popular band One Direction. Harry Styles he is everything you've ever dreamed of now you realize you have a big secret and you can't tell any one...


5. No Regrets


Harry pulled me closer to his as body our lips intertwined. His hand pushed the door shut and locked it in a swift move. He pulls me towards the bed then turns me around and sits me down. He grabs his phone and hooks it up to the alarm clock and starts to play semi-loud music. His lips push against mine I feel his hand run down my back. He pulls my hips closer to his the feeling of his hugeness caused me to moan in pleasure. He pulls my shirt off and throws it to the floor. His hands then falls to my jeans he unbuttons my jeans and slides them off. He pushes me further on to the bed. I pull his shirt and it comes flying off. Harry slides his pants off he grabs a condom from his pocket and puts it on. I wrap my legs around his fully exposed waist. He leaves a trail of kisses from my neck to my waist. His lips plays with the lace of my panties before he suductivly pulls them off. His tongue licks my wet pussy softly but enough for my pleasure. I push my hands through his thick curly hair as he slides deeper in side. He pulls his tongue out and slides his dick inside slowly at first but his thrust become faster and deeper. His lips braced mine passionately his hands grasp my thighs tightly. His name slips from my lips my toes tighten and I arch my back my body fills with overpowering excitement. My whole body tingled with joy as I let out a pleasured moan. Harrys hands grip my waist while he bites to lips to keep from moaning to loud he pulls out and falls next to me. He leans closer to my ear and whispers "You'll never feel like that with anyone else" his deep voice danced in my ears. He kissed my neck then lays on his back and stares are the ceiling. I turn and cuddle up to his warm body I slowly begin to fall asleep then I hear "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SISTER!" Liam seemed to figure out I wasn't where I should of been. Harry jumps from the bed and grabs his clothes he tosses mine towards me and I throw them on as fast as I could. I look towards the window then towards the door I realized my hair was probably a mess. I rummage through the drawer looking for a hair tie. I find a old one that looks like it could break any second and smells like its been in the drawer for a long time. Harry pulls me off the bed and makes it, he picks up the condom and hides in in between the bed and mattress. I at first I was disgusted then I remembered Liam's in a rage out side looking for me. Harry looks at me and smiles.

"Damn you're so beautiful. If it wasn't for your.." Liam's foot steps where getting closer and louder.

I run to the door and unlock and slightly open it I then run to the bed and sit down next to Harry. I think of the first thing to do to look unsuspicious.

"Don't worry my brothers just really protective and I love that about him. Plus your not even my type you're too weird." Harry looked very confused but it worked Liam heard what I said. Liam barges through the door.

"See Harry she's not even interested in you! Now back off!" Liam's voice was filled with anger and hate I've never seen this side of him.

Harry puts his hands up in defense, I look at Liam so he would back off Harry but he didn't get the hint.

" and you are not aloud alone in a room with her! Who knows what you would do."

"LIAM!" I spout

Liam looks at me and I walk out of the room he follows behind mumbling random things to himself. If he only knew it was too late. He would of killed Harry if he caught us but he didn't and I don't regret doing anything either. Harry is so amazing and I wouldn't change that.

I hope you guys enjoy what I have and I will be updating soon I hope. Don't forget to like and comment what you think.

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