For Better or For Worse

Being new to a town is pretty hard. New school, new friends, new life. How will Lilly's life change? And is it for better or for worse?


1. New

It was around 9:00 pm when we arrived to our new house in Holmes Chapel. Immediately after we got out of the car I brought all of my boxes up to my room and started to unpack the important things like toiletries, clothes, bedding, and fragile things. We moved because my dad got a new job here. My new room was a decent size. It had a walk in closet which is amazing! I have so many clothes. After a couple hours of unpacking I drifted off to sleep in my new bed.

A couple days later, we are almost fully unpacked. We just had to finish our basement renovations which won't take too long. My parents believe that everyone should have their own place for us to pursue our hobbies. My mom has a sewing room, my dad has a workshop, my brother, Ben, has a game room, and I have a music room. Writing songs or playing my instruments help me relieve stress.

The next morning I'm awoken to the doorbell ringing. I look at the clock. 10:00 am. Why are people awake this early?! I quickly make myself presentable and open the door to find three people. A middle-aged woman, a boy who looks about my age, and a girl who looked a little older than the boy. "Hello." I said shyly. "Hi! I'm Anne, this is my son, Harry, and my daughter, Gemma. We are your neighbors and we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!" She handed me a pie with a smile on her face. It smelled delicious. "Thank you so much!" I said. And before I could say anything else, my mother appeared and started talking "Why hello there! My name is Mary and you just met my daughter Lilly. My son, Ben, and my husband, Adam are out running some errands. But you guys will meet eventually." They kept on talking and soon enough Gemma said "we would love for your family to come to dinner tonight so we can all get to know eachother better." She seemed nice. I bet we will be great friends. "That's a lovely idea." I stated. And with that, they left to go to their house. I was excited because maybe if have a friend when I start school next fall. Luckily I didn't move until summer break. I would not want to be the only lost one because I came in the middle of the school year.

It was now almost 5:30 pm. We were going over to their house around 6:00 so I decided to start getting ready. I got dressed into dark demon jeans and a floral top. I straightened my hair and didn't even bother wih makeup. I don't like it anyways. And slipped on some gold tinted flats. And with that, I was ready to go.

My family walked over together. My parents carried champaign and my brother and I carried some vegetables. I knocked on the door and Harry answered with a smile and said "Welcome to our house!" We all piled in and the parents all gathered and started talking while waiting for the dinne to finish cooking. Us teens all sat in the living room. Ben talked about his girlfriend and Gemma talked about her boyfriend. I wondered if Harry had a girlfriend. My thoughts were interrupted when Anne told us dinner was ready. It was a delicious meal. It was all SOO good. The whole time Harry was looking at me though. I could tell. You know that feeling when someone is staring at you? Well I was getting that vibe. And I'd pass my eyes over his direction making sure he didn't see I was looking but sure enough he was looking. After dinner, before my family left, Gemma and I exchanged numbers and so did Harry and I. Not even a minute had passed after I walked out their front door and Harry texted me.

From: Harry:)

Hey! Tonight was fun.

I had to admit, I had a great time. His family is so nice.

To: Harry:)

Yeah! Your mom is an amazing cook:)

Less than thirty seconds after I sent the text I got a reply. I decided not to open it just then and I actually forgot and went to sleep. I remembered when I woke up at 3:39 and I looked at it.

From: Harry:)

You're really cool. We should hang out sometime

Woah wait. Does he mean like "hang out" as in a date? Or "hang out" as in let's be friends. I replied..

To: Harry:)

Yeah definatly!

Wow. This is new. A boy has never been interested in me before.

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