"That's a myth! He's a myth! Apollo is not real! I'm not DEMIGOD!" I yell
"Well he is and he's your father and your a demigod we thought that u wouldn't be one because I comes when your younger but your showing sings of him and people are coming to get you today to take you somewhere safe." My mom says with clam voice. Then their was a knock on a door, I open it.
"Tori your coming with us!"


3. Surprise!!

Chapter 2

Tori P.O.V

"Where are you going to take me?" I question.

"A camp where their are your people that are like you" the one on the right said.

"People like me! What do u mean!!" I yelled

" Their is no time we need to leave!" He exclaimed. I looked at him and then I looked back at my mom I felt tears coming.

" I packed bags for you I hope u don't mind but I put some snacks in their." She starts to cry

"Thank you and I don't mind" I cry and hugged her.

"I'm sorry to brake this up but but we need to leave" the man said. My mom and I let go from each other. She kisses me on the forehead.

"Oh wait may she bring her dog?" My mom said I was so confused why she asked that.

"Yes she can" the man on the left said. My mom whistled and my dog came she was a boxer brown and black with white paws and muzzle. My mom hooked her up and gave the leash. "Bye sweetheart" she said softly.

"See ya latter mom." I said before shutting the door. I know I will see her aging soon.

The two men head to a black car , one open the door and the other headed to the trunk to put my luggage away. When we were all in the car. We drove away from my home. I was still wounding where we were going. I decided not to ask for the reason I just didn't want to talk to them.

We been on the road for awhile and we have never been on one highway just back roads. And finally we stop. I looked out the window and I saw a boat with a couple of people on it.

"Well Tori it's time to go on the boat." The driver said. The other man went to the trunk to grab my thing. I got out with my dog and he gave me them, I headed towards the boat with out he men.

"Hello you must be Tori." The male said he had short black hair and bright sea green eyes.

"Yes" agreeing with him.

"Well my name is Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. And who is this" he said petting my dog.

"Oh this her name Lacy" I said "I hope you don't mind" I looked at him.

"Oh don't worry I don't mind" he said. A another girl came over curly blonde hair, gray eyes. "Oh this is Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena"

"Hi" she said

"Hey"I replied back

"So this is your dog?" She question

"Yep her name is Lacy" I told her

"Aww that's a nice name for a dog" she replied cheerfully. We are all on the boat now flowering away from shore. Percy and Annabeth both seem nice.

"So where are we head?" I asked

"We are heading to half-blood camp, where their are other demigods." Annabeth said

"So this whole demigod this is real?" I questioned

"Ya it is. Oh we were never told but who is your father?" Percy asked

"Well it's Apollo" I'm trying to recall back to when my mother told me.

"Oh wow u don't look anything like him though you must look a lot like your mother" Annabeth said

"Ya I do at lest what people had told me" I replied

"Haha so how old are you?" She asked

"Oh 16 years old" I said

"Oh cool I'm 17 and same with Percy." She remarked cheerfully. Hours pasted we all talked and all of a sudden the shipped shakes. We all looked around and the it appeared a sea creator with huge sable like fangs. Percy pulled out a sword and Annabeth grabbed me and headed to the back then opens a closet with weapons.

"Grap something and meet us I the fount! U know how to use a these right?" She asked

"Yes i do" I replied with a hint of me being scared

"Good!" She left with a weapons. I grabbed a bow and few arrows. And head back they were both fighting it. I got my bow ready to fire. I pulled back my bow and aimed at the eye. Then I shot it. And it was right were I wanted it. Then it stop fighting then and looked at me same with Percy and Annabeth.

"Oh S***t" I yelled. Then I got my bow ready aging. All of a sudden my dog jumped off toward the sea monster and she grew in to a monster well I didn't know but then she was fighting it. A few minutes latter she finished it off killing it and coming back on the boat back to her regular size. She was all bloody and limping. I ran to her . And putting my hands on her knowing I could heal her. Percy and Annabeth both were watching me.

"Done" I was happy she was fine. I hugged her for saving me.

"Ok this is surprising your dog is your protector and you can heal." Percy said

"Haha ya" I smiled. "So when are we going to be at the camp?"

"In five minutes I believe" Annabeth said.

"Ok good I can't wait to be on land" I giggled. And those five minutes were quick I helped Anna heal her wounds while talking to her about my dog.

"Well Tori we are her!" Percy said.

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