Be Pretty

For the HYPE competition. Cover by the wonderful TheTravellingLemon.


3. I'm Fuming

I'm fuming

I'm angry

I'm ready to explode

At this world

That society seems to condone

Hold me back

Don't let me do it

After all, it's not really worth it

But I want to

I want to smash the face of every ignorant politician

Drop-kick every homophobe and racist

Break the knuckles of every murderer and rapist

And when that's done

I want to break the littering fingers

Chop off the chopping arms

Bleach the throats of the bleachers 

Then what will be left behind? 

The just and the kind

The accepting and the loving

Ready for peace and harmony

All over the world

And me

The violent





They wouldn't kill me

The pacifists and the merciful

I'd have to do it myself

Then the ideal world would be born

But I would be dead

And many more people

So I sit and complain

Not really doing anything at all

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