Be Pretty

For the HYPE competition. Cover by the wonderful TheTravellingLemon.


5. Be Pretty

Her beauty is astounding

It leaves my heart pounding

I won't bore you with details

But when she walks past an angel hails


I try to explain this feeling

How she sets my head reeling

But she pushes me away

"Ugly got too close to me today"


She doesn't care that I'm a girl

And she still leaves me in a whirl

It's my look she objects to

The cruelty of nature, through and through


Every day I try, I do

To get those three words out: "I love you"

Every day she shows me

That the dirt is the only place I could ever be


"Ugly. I'm pretty. You're not."

I don't care a jot.

Her hands are filthier than mine

Disinfectant doesn't change a detail so fine


"Ugly. I'm pretty. You can't ever be."

It's true, I know, as I fall to one knee

She looks perfect but her heart is flawed

There's only one way she can be cured


"Pretty. I'm Ugly. You should be too.

I only do this because I love you."

The knife slices through her skin

I hold her frame, so gentle and thin


"I'm Ugly now. You're to blame."

Through her bandages her eyes are aflame

"You were always Ugly, to the core.

Be Pretty my love, as never before."

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