They call me mad, crazy, insane. But they don't know half of it. I may be different then regular people but that doesn't mean I can be treated like a guinea pig. Their machinery is nothing compared to my abilities and what I can do. I can wipe them out in the blink of an eye. But I don't, because I'm biding my time.

I've been told by this thing they call a 'Golden Opportunity' and it's given me a small ray of hope. That 'Golden Opportunity' might just be what I need to escape this place.

To escape this Madhouse.



I was only seven years old when it happened.


I was young, carefree and not a worry in the world until my true self started to show. At first I was scared and didn't know what to do, then I began to accept it and learn from what I had become. I didn't tell my parents until my eighth birthday where they caught me lifting up a mug that was about to smash onto the floor in our kitchen. Without using my hands, but my mind. They too, were unsure of what to do but they soon learned to accept it. Slowly but surely.

Then the second phase began. I started seeing things no one else could. Dead people. They would walk through me in the streets, watch others in their private lives and spook people for the fun of it. There was one ghost however that was the sweetest little thing I've ever met. Her name was Darcy. She had jet black hair in two braids with ribbons at the end, a plaid school girl dress on and white ankle socks along with shiny black shoes. She was so adorable, and she was my only friend. I'd talk to her on my bed in my room every day about my day so far and she'd just sit there listening quietly, which was fine with me. She wasn't much of a talker.

When my parents found out, they thought I was just seeing things because they didn't believe in such things as ghosts. I kept trying to tell them that they were real and that Darcy was real, but they never believed me. Then I took it too far. I was so frustrated with my parents not believing me and trusting me enough that they would just admit that ghosts and my friend Darcy were real, that my abilities grew out of hand. My anger got the best of me and I almost killed them if it weren't for Darcy being there. I could've strangled them for Christ sake! My own parents, dead at my hand all because of my powers. And that's when everything went to Hell.

A man came by the next day, introduced himself as Dr. Dewitt. He was wearing a black V-neck sweater with a white button up shirt underneath, dress pants and shiny brown shoes as well as rectangular glasses on his face. He had messy, brown hair and large hands that could fit both of my hands in just one of them. He asked me questions about myself until he came to the topic of my ability. I tried avoiding it as best as I could but being the awesome parents my parents are, they had already ratted me out and I had to choice but to show him what I could do. I firstly demonstrated my power to lift objects up with my mind by raising a book from the table a metre into the air, then I explained the situation about my power to see the unseen. Surprisingly, Dr. Dewitt didn't call me crazy, mad or 'a troubled child', as my parents would say. Instead he just took some notes, smiled at me and said that he was very impressed with my abilities before heading out the door.

This happened for about three months. Dr. Dewitt would come by every Saturday at 3:00pm and keep asking me to demonstrate my powers while he jolted down notes. Sometimes, he would bring other people along with him while I showed off my powers. They would whisper among themselves while they too wrote down notes and after about twenty to thirty minutes, they would leave. I didn't know what they were talking about until one night where I was just casually talking to Darcy in my room. She had said that she had heard what hey had been whispering about and it wasn't very nice things. I asked her what it could possibly be but she vanished before I could get any answers. Typical Darcy, always disappearing before I can know anything. I was used to it though, for I would find out my answers soon enough. I always did.

October 15th rolled around and I celebrated a good 10th birthday. I got to eat some delicious cake, play some games with my parents and got some fairly nice presents. Everything was perfect until we went for a drive to unknown location. My parents seemed to know where to go though and they kept exchanging glances at each as we drove. We eventually turned onto an off-road path in the forest and drove along it for about roughly forty five minutes until we came to a very secluded area where a building stood. I was puzzled. Why would we drive out to the middle of nowhere just for a plain old building? My parents helped me out of the car and we walked up to the entrance we a very strict looking woman stood with her blonde hair in a tight bun, rectangular glasses on her blue eyes and wearing a white lab coat over her black skirt that stopped at her knees and white shirt. She was also wearing small black heels on her feet that seemed to be sensible for work or something similar. She told us her name was Linda and that Dr. Dewitt was waiting for us. Was this Dr. Dewitt's house or something?

Linda showed us into the building and down a hallway with large glass windows either side that allowed us to see out into the forest that surrounded the place. It seemed way to futuristic to be just an ordinary house. I held on to my mom's hand the entire time because the place gave me a bad feeling about it which I didn't like one bit. Linda soon showed us to an elevator and we entered it, riding it down to level two. As we exited the elevator, I looked around and saw all these men and women in white coats or guard uniforms wandering around the place. Some of the scientist stared at us as we walked past some of the labs. I had a feeling that they were looking at mainly me.

Linda soon showed us to a door that had 'DOCTOR M. DEWITT' written on a small brass plate in the top middle of the door. Linda knocked three times before a familiar male voice inside said to enter. Linda reached a hand for the door knob and turned it, pushing the door so we could enter the room. Inside, the room was warm thanks to a roaring fire on the left wall, a bookshelf with lots of books in it on the back left wall, a picture of the seaside above the mantelpiece over the fire, a mahogany desk over near the far right wall with several papers on it, two black leather couches in the middle of the room along with a glass coffee table and a wine tray and a soft, white carpet covered the entire room apart from the area near the fire. Talk about living in luxury underground.

Dr. Dewitt smiled as he saw us and greeted my parents before acknowledging my presence as well. He told Linda that she was excused and that she could go back to her job then gestured for us to take a seat on the leather couches. I sat between both of my parents while Dr. Dewitt sat on the opposite couch. He asked my parents if they would like some wine but the politely refused as Dr. Dewitt poured himself a glass and took a sip. The three of them spoke among each other (my parents and Dr. Dewitt) while I aimlessly looked around the room for something to do. I had no interest in being here so I was bored out of my mind, until something in their conversation sparked my interest. It was something about experiments and tests that this place was conducting. I perked my ears up and listened in.

Dr. Dewitt had said something about that it was very uncommon for a young child such as myself to inherit the powers I have. He said that he would have to run some tests to examine what the cause of my abilities were and where they were coming from. My parents exchanged concerned glances before stating something about what it had to do with me. Dr. Dewitt replied with the answer of having to keep me here for God knows how long until the tests were complete for I was the only lead they had on this abnormal human ability. That's when I spoke up. I said that I wasn't going to be used as a guinea pig for his experiments and that I refused to let him see more of my powers. Dr. Dewitt just sighed and pressed this intercom button on the couch and spoke into, asking for some guards to come into the room.

At first I was confused on why he wanted guards to come here for there was no danger or threat until Dr. Dewitt said that he had... ways of making people do whatever he wanted. I understood what he meant as soon as the guards entered the room and took hold of my parents and another one holding me back from running towards them. I screamed for them to let me and my parents go but they completely ignored me. Dr. Dewitt told me that if I didn't agree for him to examine me more, he'd order to have my parents killed. I still refused which made Dr. Dewitt sigh. He nodded to the guard holding my mother captive who pulled out a knife and held it to her throat. I gasped and begged for mercy but Dr. Dewitt said that I had ten seconds to decide her fate or she died.






I panicked. What was I going to do? I couldn't let them kill her!






The guard moved the steel blade closer to my mother's throat and she let out a slight squeal. I kept pleading for them not to do this but my pleas were unanswered. Dr. Dewitt kept counting.






A familiar wave of sudden power filled my nerve system. If they wanted to see my power, they got it.




I focused on the life force in the room. There was something strong in here and I could feel it. The fire.




I channeled my energy on the fire. I imagined it roaring to life and dancing around the room, burning who and whatever I wanted it too. I could already feel it's force of power becoming my control.




Something was wrong. No matter how much I focused my power on the fire or how much I could feel it force becoming my control, it wouldn't obey my orders. It wouldn't fly around the room burning the guards or anything. It just flickered in the fireplace where it stayed.




I looked at my mother who had a desperate look in her eyes. She mouthed to me 'I love you' before the blade had cut across her throat and blood appeared where the knife had been. Her body became lifeless and all colour drained from her face. I screamed 'mommy!' while my father shouted her name in despair. She was gone. Another life taken, my cold blooded murder.

Anger filled every inch of me. I could feel every cell burning with revenge and hatred. They had killed my most favourite living person in the world and now they'll pay. My anger grew inside my body and I could feel my power increase dramatically. The fire was now under my ultimate command. It jumped from the fire place and flew around the room above our heads in a circular motion. I lowered it down to the ground where it formed a circle fire barrier around everyone in the room. It caught onto the guards that had my dad and the one who killed my mother and they began jumping around like they had ants in their pants. My dad was let go and the fire had begun to engulf the guards. They screamed out in horrific pain and started rolling on the floor to attempt to put it out but of course it didn't work. After two minutes of those men screaming for God to help them, they quietened down and the fire finished it's job three minutes later when all they were was just burnt flesh and bones.

I turned my glance towards Dr. Dewitt and commanded the fire to target him next. Dr. Dewitt looked terrified and started to back away but was cut off by the fire. I gave him a fierce look and sent the fire to attack him. But it never happened. A sudden shock of electricity entered my body and I twitched violently. I lost control over the fire and it evaporated into thin air, leaving the room colder then it was before. I left the grasp of the guard who was holding me and sank to my knees where the electricity started to decrease but my body was still twitching slightly. I placed my hands on the floor to steady myself and breathed heavily. The guard must have tasered me or something before I could do any harm to Dr. Dewitt.

As I was breathing heavily, I felt a cold, dead hand on my back. I looked up and saw the ghost of my mother with a cut mark on her neck and sliver stuff coming out of it which I suggested was blood. A few tears escaped my eyes and I was about to say something to my mother but was interrupted by the sound of someone cheering. Dr. Dewitt was clapping and whooping for some reason. He said that this was great progress or something and looked at me with an evil smirk on his face. He then ordered for someone to take my dad out of this place and for me to be 'dealt with'. I didn't realize what that meant until the guard that tasered me knocked me out cold.




I didn't know how much time had passed when I woke up with a throbbing pain in my head but I knew I was still in the horrible place. As my vision cleared, I noticed that I was in a small room with just a single bed, a dresser for clothes and no windows. Not even one. The door was made of iron and had this sort of animal flap thing at the bottom that was too small for me to crawl through so I guessed it was for food. Other than that, the walls, floor and ceiling were made entirely out of cement and there was no way out. There was also another wooden door in the room but that only led to a small bathroom with just a mirror, a shower and a toilet. Nothing special. A security camera was located in one of the corners of the ceiling above the door and was probably positioned there to watch whatever was in the room.... me.

As I sat on the bed, I heard the iron door being unlocked and a familiar woman entering the room. It was Linda. She said for me to follow her and after a couple of stubborn minutes, I obeyed. I followed Linda down several hallways until we came to the elevator. I noticed that we were on the sixth floor underground and opened my mouth to ask questions but Linda said it was best not to (ask questions that is). I quickly shut my mouth and waited patiently for the elevator to come to a stop on the fourth floor.

The doors dinged open and Linda walked out with me following close behind. People were staring at me as we walked by and it was creepy. We soon came to a wooden door that said 'TESTING ROOM' on a brass plate just like Dr. Dewitt's door. Linda opened it and gestured for me to go inside, which I did. Inside was just a plain, white room. The floor was covered in white tiles, the walls and ceiling were painted white and there was a white table and chair in the middle of the room. The room was almost blinding as a single light on the roof gave off the sudden brightness and the white walls were no help either. A wide, black screen was on one of the walls and it felt like someone was watching me through it. I heard a slam behind me and turned around to see the door closed. There was a faint click and the door was locked. I was once again trapped with no way out.

I looked around the room and saw a pale, ghostly figure standing in one of the corners. His hair was all shaggy and covered his eyes, he was wearing a plain, black button up shirt, some ordinary jeans and sneakers. I recognized him immediately as a ghost. But what was he doing here? And who was he? I gave him a small wave and he just looked at me in shock. He asked if I could see him (every ghost asks that) and I replied that I could. The biggest smile was etched onto his face and before he could ask another question, the wooden door opened once again and two buff guards entered with a slim woman following behind. She looked very young but also very strict. Her hair was black like the night and hung down just at her shoulders, her eyes were an emerald green colour, she had plump pink lips, her hands were small and she looked about in her late twenties. In her hands was a red briefcase that looked really heavy.

She looked around the room until her eyes finally landed on me. She whispered something to the guards and they left, locking the door once again. The woman laid her beady eyes on me once again before walking over to one of the chairs at the table and sitting down. I felt like I had to sit as well so I sat on the other white chair opposite the woman. Silence rung in the air for a few moments as the woman rummaged through her briefcase and took out some things. There was a spoon, a book, a feather, some match sticks and this small, black box. It was still quiet as the woman then took out these medical looking wires and attached them to the black box. She also placed these electrode things on my forehead and hooked them up to the black box as well. The woman then spoke in a very sickening-sweet voice and said that if I could show her what I could do. I said no.

The woman sighed and I just sat there with a blank expression on my face. I remember the last time I demonstrated my powers to someone first thing. It had led to my mother getting killed and me now stuck in this Hell hole. The woman looked at me with intimidating eyes and opened her mouth to speak but I interrupted. I asked her, what would she get out of this? To prove that I was dangerous to the human race or that I was just another experiment to be tested on of what my abilities can do? The woman just stared at me with a surprised expression and blinked a few times, then taking something out of her 'Mary Poppins' briefcase. I averted my eyes to the ghost boy in the corner and saw him staring at the woman. The boy caught me looking at him and I jerked my head to the woman as to say 'do you know her?'

The ghost boy nodded and told me that she was his girlfriend and that he died saving her from a gunshot by a gang of muggers in an ally way. She had survived but he hadn't. He said that he loved her so much and that he still does. Talk about a dying love for someone. Pun intended.

I looked back at the woman who was jolting down notes. I wonder if she still thought about this boy? I coughed to get her attention. The woman stopped writing and looked up at me with questioning eyes. I asked her if she knew a boy who matched the description of the ghost boy. Her answer was slow and hesitant but she soon nodded and said that his name was Daniel and he died by taking a bullet for her. She asked me how I knew this and I replied simply, because he told me. The woman was a little taken aback and said how did he tell me? I told her that he was in this room just staring at her and so I asked if he knew her and he told me what I just heard from her. The woman was shocked. She shook her head.

And called me crazy....

She said that no one can talk to ghost and that they aren't real. I looked at the ghost boy - Daniel - and saw in his face expression that he was hurt. He must think that she doesn't love him anymore. I looked at the woman and asked her a question. Does she love Daniel? The woman scoffed and said of course she does and he's always on her mind. I saw Daniel smile and walk closer to the woman. His voice sounded happy and light as he talked to the woman. But he knew she couldn't hear her. Then he looked at me with a desperate expression. He said he was sorry and jumped at me like a tiger pouncing at it's prey. I gasped and my vision went black.

I could see nothing but I could hear and feel though. I felt my lips moving but it wasn't my voice talking. It was Daniel's. He was possessing me. He was talking to the woman (who I found out is named Kimberly) and said everything that he needed to say. By the end of it, my vision returned and I was blinded by the white room for a few seconds until I got used to it. I saw Daniel on the floor resting on all fours and the woman - Kimberly - sitting in her chair with her head in her hands. She sounded like she was crying. I looked at Daniel who was now slowly standing up with a pained and exhausted expression on his face. Possessing me must've taken a LOT of ghostly energy.

I looked back at Kimberly who had lifted her head a bit so I could see her tear stained face and mascara running down her cheeks. She looked at me with a sad expression and asked if Daniel was still here. I just nodded and she smiled weakly. Her gaze then averted to the black screen on the wall and shook her head at it. I was confused. Why would she be shaking her head at just a plain, black screen. That's when I realized what it was. It was one of black pieces of glass in those detective T.V shows that you can't see through but the people on the other side can. I bet Dr. Dewitt was behind there just smirking at what was happening. That bastard.

I heard a sniff and turned to see Kimberly packing everything away everything that was on the table. She took the electrodes off of my head and put them into the briefcase as well. I asked her what she was doing and she replied with that this was just all too much and she couldn't take it anymore. She said that it was unhuman like for such a young girl to have powers to see dead people and have telekinesis and that she thought it was all just some mad experiment that was insane. I tried to tell her that it was insane and that I do have the ability to do what I do but she just suddenly pulled a gun at me and I froze with shock. How did she get that in here?!

I looked over at Daniel who was just as shocked as I was. He yelled at Kimberly that he loves her and that she shouldn't do this but of course, she couldn't hear him. He then turned to me and said to say exactly what he just said to her. I was breathing hard and my voice was hitched in my throat. The words wouldn't come out of my mouth and if they didn't, this is where I would die. But that didn't happen. Instead Kimberly pointed the gun at the side of her head and kept mumbling over and over again that she was sorry. I heard banging on the door. The guards must be trying to get in. I returned my focus to Kimberly who was looking at me with sad and hopeful eyes.

She told me to get out of this place and once I do, I had to keep running. She said that I couldn't do it now but at the right moment. At the moment of my 'Golden Opportunity'. I asked Kimberly what she meant of the 'Golden Opportunity' but she just smiled and said that it was the greatest moment of your life and that this was hers.

Then she pulled the trigger.

A loud BANG echoed through the small room and I covered my ears as I screamed. I looked at Daniel who also looked like he was screaming and watched in horror as Kimberly's eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body fall to the floor. I stopped screaming after a few seconds and took my hands away from my ears. My eyes still stuck on Kimberly's dead body. I saw blood seeping from the bullet wound in her head and oozing out onto the white tiled floor. I thought I was going to be sick.

The banging continued on the door but it was seemed so far away now. I watched as Kimberly's body begin to flicker like she was in a T.V program and started moving. At the time, she seemed perfectly fine, moving and all, until I realized that the thing that was flickering and moving wasn't Kimberly's body. It was her ghost. I watched as her ghost stood up and slowly stop flickering and walk over to where Daniel was. Daniel's face had silver tears falling onto his cheeks and a faint smile was there too. He looked somewhat happy that Kimberly was there with him but also sad that she was dead as well. Kimberly stopped in front of Daniel and said a simple 'hello', Daniel replied with a small 'hey', before they both wrapped each other into a tight embrace. It was beautiful yet sad at the same time.

They soon broke apart and a small ball of light appeared above their heads. They both looked up at it and smiled. Kimberly turned her gaze to me and smiled weakly. She said that no matter what, I had to look for that 'Golden Opportunity' and get out of here as soon as possible. No matter the cost. The ball of light above her head grew larger around her and Daniel and soon engulfed them as they stared into each others eyes.

Then they were gone.

Everything was quiet for a moment in the room and I was still rendering what just happened. Kimberly committed suicide, was reunited with Daniel and then just vanished in a ball of light. Well okay then.

The door suddenly burst open and a bunch of guards rushed into the room at the scene of Kimberly's death. Dr. Dewitt also walked into the room and just aimlessly looked around at the commotion. His gaze soon stopped on me and fear washed over my body. My breath quickened and the palms of my hands became sweaty. This guy scared the crap out of me. He didn't so anything except glare at me with a crooked smirk on his face. His ordered for one of the guards to take me back to my 'room' and stay there until I was needed. The order was quickly followed and I was taken back to that cement prison where I didn't come out until the following day.




This happened for as long as I can remember. I woke up in that cement room, ate breakfast which was just some jam on bread and water in a cup, was taken to different rooms each day so Dr. Dewitt could run some more tests on me and then by the end of it all, I went back to my so-called 'room' and stayed there until lights out. Several times I tried to escape but I was always caught and taken back to the cement room after deserving a big slap to the face by Dr. Dewitt. He wasn't a very nice man.

But I never lost hope.

Ever since Kimberly's ghost told me about that thing called a 'Golden Opportunity', it's kept me going each and every day. I learned to go along with the tests they run on me and sometimes, I hear and see things that I'm not supposed to. Little snippets of conversations and passcodes I see the scientists put into certain doors. It's all a big part of my great escape.


All apart of my 'Golden Opportunity'.

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