It Doesn't Matter

A boo full of poems. I chose this title because it is my personal favourite. I have published all of these poems elsewhere, so no, I am no plagiarising my own work!

©1Disawsum 2014


4. History

I'm hidden behind your shadow,

I'm there when you want me least.

I'm a secret hidden behind your walls,

A secret you don't want out.


You trusted me not to get out,

You hated me with a vengeance.

You blame me for what happens now,

But where were you when this all started?


I may be hidden for the rest of your life,

I may be kept away from all human worlds.

I may be kept inside your heart, 

But what you must realise is,


I am still a part of you.


I may be a dark monster to you,

I may be an angry pest you want away from you.

But what I do hold is a key.

The key to your past.

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