Too Much Perfect

Courtney and Kim. So much different, yet so alike. Even if their sisters, they still are best friends. That's what it feels like anyway.
Both of them need money. For that shiny new pair of designer boots and for that brand new touch-screen laptop. Desperate measures call for desperate times so each of them do what has to be done. Get a job.
But working isn't what they thought. And when two handsome people stroll into their lives, they instantly feel better. But is that person all who they say he is? Why has he never seen either of them at the same time? And can both of them deal with too much perfect?


3. Chapter 2

Kim curled her legs up so she was in a tucked up position against the head of her bed. Her room was completely dark apart from the glowing screen of her laptop, which shone bright and decorated the covers with an ominous glow. Next to her was a mug of coffee, fresh and hot, still steaming. The smell of ground coffee filled her room, and Kim breathed it in deeply. That smell reminded her of so many things, of nights like this, of coffee shops, of the café down the road, of Courtney.


Sugar, thought Kim. Where was she? She checked the time on her laptop. 23:04. Courtney was late. To be honest, Kim was not surprised. It was the final date before her and Jack’s two-year anniversary. She was probably still out, eating some food and drinking. Kissing Jack under the twinkling stars and giving him the watch Courtney had dragged Kim round the mall three hours for.

That watch had better be worth it.

Shaking her head, she stared back at the screen. Everything she was on seemed to be dead. Nobody was doing anything and even if she refreshed her feeds every thirty seconds, it was all for nothing. It seemed like she was the only person actually online.

Click. Refresh. Wait. Click. Refresh. Wait.

Kim was getting bored, so went to look at how many views her books had gotten this time. Some people cared about the likes of the book, how many favourites it received but all she truly cared about was the views. So what if somebody liked your book? The fact that maybe hundreds of people have read your book meant something else, inspired you. Lit a crazy, burning flame for your passion of writing. That is what Kim craved.

She had written, according to the website, thirty-seven books. Only a few finished, the rest left un-touched or silly random books. Out of all the thirty-seven books, one had stood out. Over two thousand reads. Now it was precisely two thousand three hundred and thirty one. She smiled.

‘Never’ was for some reason popular. Maybe teenage girls, and perhaps boys, loved the idea of a blossoming romance mixed into chaos, drama, confusion, sadness, mystery and hope. It had something for everyone, so maybe that was why. Kim never really knew but whatever it was, it was good. Really good.

Courtney where the hell are you?

As much as Kim tried to push it to the back of her mind, the fact that Courtney had been out so long worried her. She was a natural worrier, and sometimes Courtney moaned that she worried too much. But how could she stop? She was her sister after all.

“You’ll get wrinkles from stress and worry,” she had pointed out one day but Kim shrugged it off. She never really went out anyway. Really, she preferred to stay inside and her friends did to. Whenever they came around they sat and Skyped the boys they fancied until they went so red it was like their cheeks were ripe tomatoes and that they were on the verge of spilling huge secrets they promised to keep. After that they munched junk food, watched White Chicks or Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect and threw popcorn at each other. Dinner was pizzas or microwave meals and after that a late organized sleepover.

Call her.

Kim picked up the phone lying next to her laptop. She pressed a button and the screen flashed on. Getting up Courtney’s profile she hit the button to call her. Pressing the phone to her ear, she listened to the ringing sound.

“You have reached the voice mail of-” said a mono-tone voice and Kim threw done the phone. Why hadn’t Courtney picked up? She tried calling again and again, each time growing more worried. In the end she stopped but sat biting her nails.

Damn. I promised myself I would stop doing that.

Removing her nails from her mouth, Kim hit the refresh button. One notification. A new chapter to one of her favourite books. Smiling, she clicked on the link and sighed heavily. Just some rubbish chapter from the author asking what people thought. To make the author happy, Kim type a really positive comment then tried to call Courtney one last time. Voice mail again.

Letting out a nervous squeak, Kim leapt up and stared out of the window. She would see Courtney walk up the drive way and then plough her with questions. Yes, that was her plan. That was a great plan.

Clicking down all the tabs open, she closed her laptop lid, and shuffled over to the window. Outside, the weather was weak. A single slither of silver moon shone down but the rays that usually decorated the floor and split the sky were not there. Today, the wind had decided to not bother and a meagre breeze whistled around. Only a few stars were dotted on the black sky and that was it. Kim sighed. Why would Courtney want to be out in this?

Then Kim reminded herself of the whole reason. Jack. She had never really liked him, with his gelled brown hair and faded blue eyes. He walked like he had a limp, but as far as Kim knew, he didn’t. When he spoke, his voice sometimes went rough and grate-y, which really irritated her. Grammatically, he was terrible and it seemed “ain’t” was his favourite word. To Kim, who was deeply obsessed with correct grammar, felt like strangling him whenever he said that word.

Why haven’t I yet?

Because Jack is Courtney’s boyfriend and the number one rule of sisterhood is to never complain about the other sister’s boyfriend. Well, actually that’s number four but to Kim that was besides the point.

Outside, a few more stars began to shine. They cast a beautiful golden glow onto Kim’s window pane, but Kim never knew because she was fast asleep.

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