A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

(Will be doing some minor edits, fixing grammatical errors and such...)


14. Chapter Twelve: Her

The next day…


We got home first thing in the morning to meet Michael in the band room.

We shouldn’t be taking breaks because we have to rehearse for our dad’s wedding and for our tour.

But this girl is really changing us…

We’re all in the room…

Ashton by his drums, Calum on his usual chair, Michael on the sofa and I’m on the piano. None of us has said a word yet…

“So… are we going to talk about what’s happening here?” Ashton said quietly.

“We have to at some point… its 6 AM, she’s still asleep. We have to talk about this before she wakes up.” Michael followed afterwards.

“The Princess should decide who she wants to be with.” Calum said bluntly.

“Calum, she’s going to be our step-sister… We can’t do this to her and make her decide who she wants to be with. We are going to be SIBLINGS.” I replied.

“You know how you feel about her, Luke. I know you all feel it too… She just came a few weeks ago, we usually never let anything like this happen but why now? We aren’t supposed to have these feelings but we do… We are brothers but…” Calum ends with a sigh.

Thinking at the back of my mind, why do we have these feelings for her if she’s going to be our sibling?

Calum didn’t need to finish his sentence earlier… we are brothers, but we hold our mothers’ names.

Calum was adopted, Michael & I are half brothers… and well probably Ashton too.

Calum is the only one that doesn’t have our dad’s blood, but he’s still a brother…

“We are brothers, she will be a sibling someday but… she’s not our real sister so it should be okay right?” Michael asked.

“This is too weird. If people find out we have feelings for our step sister this is going to be so bad.” Ashton blurted.

“She’s not our sister. Even if our parents get married. She will never be our sister. She will choose one of us someday. We are adults now, we can live our own lives. Aunt mommy and dad will find out eventually of how we all feel about her. I will never see her as a sister, and I think my feelings will stay the same. It will be the same for you guys too. I say we see how things go, whoever wins her heart can keep her. The rest of us will have to back off and see her as a sibling from there.” Calum explained.

“Is it really a good idea for that?” Michael asked.

“Well… our parents aren’t married yet. So technically… she’s not our sister yet?” Ashton said.

“…Ashton you just found a loophole. She isn’t our sister YET. I agree with Calum on this. We all have a chance to try before the wedding, we will figure things out from there if she will be with one of us or not. If she chooses one of us before the wedding, there’s nothing wrong with that right?” I stated my opinion.

“Sounds like a good idea. One condition though.” Michael asked.

“What is it?” We all replied.

“In the end, when she chooses. We will still be brothers no matter what.”



I have the perfect idea for winning her heart.

She’ll be mine…



We all got up to leave the band room and headed up to our rooms. 

It was a long weekend, but thinking about our little meeting, I am way ahead of this plan. 

I’ve kissed her once, I can kiss her again. 

She’s more comfortable with me rather than any of them.

I still think back to that night… her lips were so soft, so gentle… I want more of it.

I got into my room, took off my shirt and laid in bed. 

Its 7 AM and we haven’t gotten any sleep from that car ride back.

I’m sure all of us need some sleep after a long weekend. 

Just thinking about how to win her before the wedding… this is going to be difficult. 

I shut my eyes to imagine what I could do with her before dozing off.

This princess will be mine.



Laying in bed, tossing a ball into the air and catching it quietly. 

Can’t believe we’re actually going to fight over a girl. 

I mean, she’s wow, she’s amazing, she’s… she’s perfect. 

A few weeks ago, I was here thinking she’s Calum’s girlfriend, and a few weeks from now she’s going to be our step-sister… 

But in between those times, I know I can give her the best time of her life. 

Even if she doesn’t pick me, I just want to feel happy that I’ve given her happiness.

Knowing my brothers, they’re going to be tough to beat. 

But I have the best plan that will make her choose me. 

This is going to be a fun ride.

Things are going way too fast for this but, I know for sure. This tomato is going to be mine.



Was not expecting that… 

I thought to myself as I got to my bed. Know it’s a competition over this sweet little sunshine. 

We have to be careful so she doesn’t suspect anything… she might be really pissed that we made a deal with this.

I don’t like the idea of us trying to get her to choose one of us, but she’s everything every guy would want…

Funny, sweet, loyal, caring, loving, smells nice, loves pizza… 

Gosh she’s everything. 

This is going to be a hard battle but we all got a few weeks to do this. 

I’ll keep her safe, I’ll keep her happy, and I’ll do everything and anything to make sure she’s okay.

I’ll support everything she does, now to think of the best way to her heart…

She’s the cutest little ray of sunshine, and I’ll definitely make her mine.


I’m so sorry guys… I’ll try to update what I can. For now this is all I got. I hope you’re still reading, I love you all <3 Thank you so much for reading. Just wait till you see what I have planned 

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