A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

(Will be doing some minor edits, fixing grammatical errors and such...)


8. Chapter Six : The Girl in the Garden



I watched Luke hold her close to him like that..

His hands around her waist on the side, making her lean against his body.

Why do I feel like moving her away.

"I'm going to take Shep for a walk to cool off in the garden then." She said slowly getting out of Luke's arm getting her puppy.

I felt relieved that she did that.

"Do you want us to be with you?" Luke asked.

"No it's okay, this is so overwhelming for me. I mean, I just got here and already I got one of you mad at me.." She said with softness in her voice.

"Well here's our numbers if you need us." I said giving her our cards.

Yeah, I know.. Weird of us to have each others cards, or even to have cards in the first place. Our dad says it's good to have that to give to family, and personal friends that we trust won't give our number away.

We each have two sim cards each for every country we go to when we're on tour, just in case one number gets leaked. It's hard being famous you know.

"Thank you." She said putting it in her wallet.. purse.. thing. I have no idea what girls call it.

And we watched her go to the backyard into the garden.

"Hey, Luke." I said cleaning up the sandwich mess we made.

"Yeah?" He said helping me, but at the same time making his own sandwich.

"Who is she to you and Calum? Why do you guys seem so close to her when I've never even seen her."

"Hmm.. Well, the thing is. Calum met her first, she told him who she was. Then, I met her second, and I had to find out who she was. I would tell you, but I don't know, either she'll tell you or you find out who she is." He said taking a huge bite.

"Are you serious!?" I said flipping out. That's so unfair.

He smiled at me with sandwich stains all over his mouth, chewing it like a messy child.

"All I know is that she's not a fan of ours. And I'm assuming.. is she Calum's new girlfriend?"

He choked. And started coughing.

"What?" I said patting his back and giving him some water.

"Why would you think that? I mean I thought that at first too but.." He said clearing his throat and drinking some water.

"But what?"

"Nothing. Do you think she's cute?" He asked out of no where.

"...She's.. She's adorable.."

He smiled, took another bite and walked away.

"LUKE HEMMINGS! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW." I said shouting from the kitchen as he walked across to the door.

He raised his hand up showing the peace sign without looking back and went up the stairs.

"This family is going to drive me insane." I said to myself as I finished cleaning up.

..But why did I tell Luke I said she's adorable...



"Calum, it's not what it looks like." Ashton's voice replaying in my head.

SHE was ON TOP of HIM!

...Smiling so genuinely, staring right at him.

I'm in the band room, playing some guitar as loud as I could to clear out my mind.

"Why the fuck am I so jealous."

I played louder and faster.

"I just fucking met the damn girl.."

Playing so loud that the windows started shaking. I looked out as I played and I saw her..

I slowly stopped to look at her.. She's in the garden looking at the flowers as she walks her puppy around, admiring the beautiful view.

A view so beautiful.. Just like her.

"..I want to know her. I..... I want... I want her." I whispered to myself.

I put my guitar down and I sat down to make a plan for her.

I showed her the wrong side of me that's too early for her to see. I'll make it up to her..



Watching her from my window, I can't believe this girl is going to be our step sister.

She has met three of us. Knowing Michael, he won't even wake up until later on this afternoon.

We have band practice a few hours after Michael wakes up. He doesn't like to practice right when he wakes up because she's going to be so cranky.

Even though I'm the youngest, sometimes I'm the one that feels like i'm the eldest and I always schedule the band meetings and practices.

Still watching her from the window, I started to reminisce and think more...

"It was always just the four of us.. Just guys. Never a girl with us." I thought out loud.

"This girl is going to change us. I can feel it."

She caught me looking out the window watching her.

"Oh, Shit." I said to myself with my heart beating fast from the fright.

She smiled and waved at me after that, and I did the same.

God, she has the cutest most contagious smile.

I like how she kept the penguin costume on the puppy though. I super love penguins and she's so adorable holding a little puppy-penguin thing.

I smiled a little.

"She's.." i slowly stopped talking to realize..

"I want her."

~~~~~~~~~~~How's it so far? What's your fave part? Who do you want her aka YOU to be with? How do you think she'll meet Michael? SORRY THIS CHAPTER IS KINDA SHORT!! ALSO FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER :D THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE I WAS SO SICK AND I FEEL MUCH BETTER!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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