A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

(Will be doing some minor edits, fixing grammatical errors and such...)


9. Chapter Seven : Michael Clifford

Chapter Seven : Michael Clifford


After taking Shep for a walk around the garden to cool off from what happened, I decided to go in my room and relax a bit more.

Walking back into the house I decided to take the stairs to look around more, I barely had the time to see how beautiful the house is.

"Hey, Tomato! How you feeling?" I heard Ashton say walking up to me.

"Are you for real on calling me that." I said with a pout.

"Aww that's so cute now you're a pouting Tomato!" He laughed so hard even though that was the lamest thing in the world.

"Very funny, Ashton. Or should I call you a banana!"

"HAHA WHY BANANA YOU ARE SO WEIRD." He said laughing more.

"You look like a monkey." I said sticking my tongue out.

"Am I a cute monkey?" He asked with the biggest smile ever.

He has a cute smile tho, aw who am I kidding they all have a nice smile oh my gosh.

"Shut up. I'm going to my room." I said heading up stairs.

"Wait, what? YOUR room?" He asked shockingly with a serious face.

"Uhm ya. The one next to yours? My room is in the middle of the four of you." I explained wondering why he was shocked.

"..wait.... So you're Aunt-Mommy's daughter?!"

Oh shit no one told him about me, I forgot.

"Oh ya! I forgot to tell you that. Ya I'm gonna be your new step sister."

His face was so blank.

I just noticed he has a bandana on his head.

"Looks like someone found out." I heard another voice coming up the stairs.

"I hate you, Luke. Why didn't you tell me earlier. Making me think she's Calum's girlfriend." He said punching Luke on the arm has he laughed acting as if it hurts so much.

"So what if I'm Calum's girlfriend."

"What." Ashton said with a serious face again.

"What.." Luke said with the exact same face.

"..what did you say?" I heard another voice behind me.

..it was Calum.

"..nothing I'm just wondering I didn't say I was. I just came here okay I wanna seriously get to know you one by one and I haven't even met the last one yet."

As I changed the subject the three brothers looked at each other. Calum walked pass us and went down the stairs. Ashton and Luke stayed with me.

"..is Calum gonna be ok?" I asked worriedly

"Don't worry about him right now don't shock us like that again saying you're someone's girlfriend but you're not." Ashton said crossing his arms.

"Sorry wanted to know you're reaction." I said looking down.

Luke held my chin up, "it's okay, sweetie. Let's go wake up Michael and introduce you to him."

"Who's Michael?"

"He's the last brother, he sleeps so late and wakes up late too." Ashton said walking behind me as Luke guides ahead.

"I think you should meet him now before we go out for lunch." Luke said as he texts on his phone.

"I'm texting Calum to come to the band room in 30 min so we can all go out together." He said as we reached Michael's door.

Ashton had both of his hands on my shoulders as he stood behind me. He can obviously see pass my head, heck they all can. I feel so short around them.

"Ready to be a tomato again?" Ashton asked.

"Really, Ashton." I said giving him the death stare

"Haha you'll be fine."

My heart always bests so fast for all of them when I first met them, and I can feel it now for the last one.

I dont know why I never recognize any of them. I have a picture of them but they looked really young and they all had long looking hair.

Now they've grown and they are so different from what I imagined.

"I'll take Shep for you." Luke says as we enter Michael's room.

I've only been in Calum's room but not the other two. We walked up closer to see a red headed shirtless guy sleeping on the couch on his tummy with the tv on and a controller beside him.

"Michael always plays games at night cause we're always so busy during the day. That's why he sleeps so late and wakes up late." Ashton says tuning off the tv.

I looked around and see a shelf of hair dye, different colors.

"Why does he have so much hair dye?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, that's Michael's thing. He colors his hair every few months." Luke said as he puts Shep on top of Michael's back giving a little laugh.

"Won't he be bald!? Oh my gosh he needs to stop that it's going to ruin his head." I said worrying as I go closer to him.

You can hear him snoring.

"Try to wake him." Ashton said.

I took Shep off his back and crouched down at him.

This reminds me of how I met Calum.

"Hey, Michael. Wake up." I said poking his face.

"Tell hi you have pizza and you wanna play Pokemon." Luke said.

"Uhm. Michael, wake up I have pizza and I wanna play Pokemon." I said poking him again.

His eyes slowly opened, but not all the way. He took a pillow and threw it at me and faced the other way.

"What the heck! Really Michael!? I don't even know you and you're already throwing pillows at me." I got up and threw the pillow back at him.

Luke and Ashton laughing behind me.

"Michael wake up, let's go have lunch with a beautiful girl." Luke said as he slaps Michael's butt.

"Ya Mikey, let's go. Ashton said pretending to kiss him.

That's when he got up.

"Ugh screw you guys. I was having a dream that I had a girlfriend and she wanted pizza and Pokemon." He rubbed his eyes and looked at me.

"What? You're real?" He said blinking so much. "Or am I still dreaming."

"She's real, hurry up we'll meet you at the band room Calum's waiting." Luke said as he grabs me by the waist and leads me out with Ashton behind us. I can feel an unwanted stare.





Luke : hey meet us in the band room in a few minutes. We're going to wake up Michael and have lunch with her all together so we can properly introduce ourselves and start over.

I didn't reply to him.

I've been in here ever since anyway.

"..so what if I'm Calum's girlfriend."

Her voice.. She said it.

..but it's not real.

I know it's not.

But she promised me. She promised she'd be mine..

The door opened and the three of them walked in.

"Where's Michael?" I asked laying down on the couch. Planning on my phone's note on how to make it up to her.

"He's slowly getting up, as usual." Ashton said.

She sat next to me. I'm laying down but there's space and she sat next to my chest. I can put my arm around her and that's what I did.

Out of all places she sat next to me.

"Sorry for earlier Calum. Ashton was teaching me how to make his famous cheese toastie thing and I slipped on cheese and I fell on him by accident."

She said playing with my hair.

"Blah." Was my reply.

Michael came into the room and sat on his usual chair.

"So where we eating at?" Michael asked.

"How bout we ask this princess." I said holding her tighter. "What do you feel like eating?"

We all waited for her answer.

"How bout Italian food? Pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, pasta, all that good stuff?"

Wow that sounds good.

"Okay let's go then. I'll ask Gus to meet us in the front with the van." Luke said as he started calling him.

"Calum are you mad at me?" Ashton asked.

"Maybe if you stop flirting with my princess." I see her blushing.

"Haha I'm not even. You made her looking like a tomato again."

I smiled at that.

"Okay Gus is outside let's go." Luke said.

We got up and I held her closer to me and walked behind all the boys.

"Wait how about Shep?" She asked cutely as she held her.

"We'll keep the tv on for her on the dog channel with some food and water." Ashton said as he gets the puppy from her.

"I'll meet you guys in the car." He said going in another room.

While no one was looking I kissed her forehead on the side.

"Bad, princess. I said, you're mine." I smiled at her.

She smiled back but it slowly faded and she said.. "Calum. We can't do this."

"Let me take you out on a date sometime." I blurted out."



"So who's the girl again?" I asked Luke.

"You'll find out when we get there." Luke said.

"Is she a fan? Did she win a contest or something."

"Michael just wait."

"But she's gorgeous. Like if we're on stage and we see pretty girls like that and we forget the lyrics. She's that kind of gorgeous."

"Haha I know but Michael just wait okay."

"Is she Calum's girlfriend?"

"Why does everyone ask that." He said seriously.

"Well she sat with him so.."

"No she's not."

We reached the car and we all got in.

Well whoever she is, I'm curious at what a cute girl is doing with us.

We waited for Ashton and he finally came after a few min. Then we went off to an Italian restaurant.

"I can't wait to eat the cheesiest pizza ever I'm so hungry." I said rubbing my tummy.

"Hey, is uhm what's his name? Gus? Is he going to eat too." She asked us.

She sat in between Calum and Ashton at the very back while Luke and I sat in the middle and the driver is in the front of course.

"Yupp. We tell Gus to come eat with us but he always eats at another table beside us. He's also like our body guard." Luke answered her.

After a few minutes we arrived at the restaurant .

And we all sat down on a round table and waited for our food that we ordered.

It was Ashton, Calum, her, Luke, and then me.

"Okay so let's restart." Luke began.

"Calum start with you. Let's go in order from the first one she met." He said.

Guess I'm last.

"I'm Calum Hood. I play the bass, sometimes lead sing and second youngest brother, so I'm 18."

"I'm Luke Hemmings, I play guitar, lead singer, also 18 and I'm the youngest brother."

"I'm Ashton Irwin, I play the drums in the band, there are times where I sing but it takes so much energy to drum that I have to move around so much it's hard to do that when the mic is only on one side of you. And I'm 20, the eldest brother."

My turn now.

"I'm Michael Clifford. I'm very confused at the moment because my brothers seem to know you and I apologize I have no idea who you are but I also play the guitar and sometimes lead sing as well. I am also 18 and second eldest brother."

"Hi guys" she started to say.

"I am going to be your new step sister by the end of summer. This is only my second day and I already felt like I've known you guys forever. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and being yourselves around me."

"Wait, what? You're the step sister?" I asked shocked. No wonder why they didn't say anything.

"Yupp, so nice to officially meet you, Michael." She said with a chinky looking smile.

I smiled back.

"But how we met was so lame.." I said remembering that I threw a pillow at her.

"It's okay that's why we're starting over" Luke said.

Well I feel much better.



As I sat there in the middle of them, all I could think about was Calum's question.

..he wants to go on a date with me.

I've never been on dates.. I've never even had a boyfriend. Even if I did, I'm so complicated to even handle.

I can feel Calum's hand touching mine. He has a gentle touch.

He's.. Making my heart race.

"Hey Tomato" Ashton said.

"Hey I thought we were restarting." I said pouting.

"Yaaaaaa I'm still gonna call you that. I wanna ask you something later okay?" He said as the waiters put our food down.

"Sure. When we get home! Right now I'm starving." I said laughing as we all started eating delicious goodness.

I wonder what it is..

••••well the other was really short so here you go :-) I know it seems like I'm making her go for Calum but just wait! You'll see later on :3 TELL ME YOUR FAVE PART OKAY I LOVE YOU••••

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