A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

(Will be doing some minor edits, fixing grammatical errors and such...)


3. Chapter One : Calum Hood

Sorry guys it kind of published and I wasn't even done yet so here's the finished one

Chapter One : Calum Hood

Your POV

I really couldn't believe my eyes, this house was huge! I slowly walk in through the front door while my eyes wandered in amazement.

The limo driver, Gus, helped me bring my luggages in and he never said a word or even smile when I told him thank you.

When I entered the door into this hallway, there were so many records on the walls and concert photos as well as family photos.

By family photos I mean just Lucas.. Or should I say dad and his sons.

Walking down the hall with Shep waddling her way to me while she sniffs up her new home, at the end of the hallway there's a comfortable black couch and it looks like someone is sleeping on it.

I went closer to the couch and I realized it's one of the brothers. He's wearing a white tanktop and skinny jeans with his kicks on.

Who sleeps with their shoes on?

Apparently this guy would.

Anyways, he's cuter up close and in person and he's so peacefully asleep, but I'm lost and I just came here. There's no one elsewhere so I guess I should try to wake him up.

I crouched down closer to him and I was reaching out to poke him to wake up when suddenly..

He grabs my hand makes me lay down and he's on top of me. I squealed so loud while he was doing that and he locked my hands over my head and I can tell you right now, thank goodness I'm wearing a hoodie.


That's all I could say at the moment..

"How did you get in here, princess?"

His voice.. It's so dreamy."

"I said, how did you get in here, princess?"

He said leaning closer to me.

My heart wasn't sure what to do at that moment, to continue beating, to stop beating, to keep skipping beats i dont know what to feel!

"Uhm.. I'm gonna be your new step sister."

He slowly let's me go as he stands to help me up.

"So you're aunt-mommy's daughter? Sorry I thought you were another insane fangirl that broke into the house again."

"It's okay, and uhm? 'Aunt mommy?'" I was really confused at that.

"We call her that. I know it sounds weird but she's the one who told us to call her that or she'll make us switch roles in the band and we'll sound horrible."

I giggled at that. Typical mom.

"Sorry again for earlier, my name is Calum Hood. I play the bass and sometimes I'm the lead singer of our band. I'm also the third eldest amongst our brothers." He smiled at me so chinky enough that you can't even see his eyes.

"Cool, nice to meet you, Calum." I said sticking out my hand for a shake.

He took my hand, pulled me closer to him and he hugged me so tight.

Wasn't expecting that but he's cuddly, for a skinny guy.

He's tall, like I have to slightly look up at him and it's like the perfect height for a girl and a boy.

As he hugged me, Shep came running in and barking at him. She really doesn't like boys for a small white puppy that you could hold with one hand.

Shep starts biting his skinny jeans and barking as if she's the toughest dog in the world.

"WHOA! You brought home a puppy!!!" Calum had a gushy look on his face as he picked her up and she slowly calmed down.

"Huh, that's weird. Her name is Shep, she usually doesn't like guys or act this way. How did you do that?"

"I love dogs! I'm a dog person and she's the cutest." He starts petting her and giving her tiny kisses.

At this point I think I can see little floating hearts around them.

"Haha she's so cute." Calum said laughing while Shep licks his nose. (He has a big nose by the way.)

"Come on I'll show you to your room. Let's take the elevator cause I'm too lazy to walk on the stairs" He said carrying my luggages.

"Your room is on the fifth floor with my brothers and I. I hope you'll love your room. Aunt-Mommy , me, and my brothers helped pick out the color and decorations."

"I can't wait to see it."

We walked out of the elevator into my new room and I couldn't believe what I'm seeing!

Baby purple room! My own computer, my own laptop, tv, fridge, bathroom, king sized bed, OH MY GOSH , AND A BREATHTAKING VIEW ON A BALCONY!

"Oh my gosh! Calum! I love it! Thank you!!!" I was so excited I feel really loved at that moment.

"You're welcome, princess." He flashed me another one of his charming smiles.

Shep even has her own little queen size dog bed in my room so adorable.


I heard an angry voice down the hallway.


"Ah shit I forgot. Stay here princess, I'll be back in an hour. Explore your room!" He smiled again and kissed me on the cheek as he took off down the hall.

..he kissed my cheek

Calum kissed my cheek.

He calls me princess..


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