A Summer of Brothers

What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you.

Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael..

(Will be doing some minor edits, fixing grammatical errors and such...)


10. Chapter Eight : 5 Seconds of Summer

Chapter Eight : 5 Seconds of Summer


I dont know why, but I want to take her out for a walk around the garden.

So hopefully she'll say yes after lunch.

We're all eating and having a good time, I wanted to sit next to her though.

Since she's not Calum's girlfriend it's okay to hang with her right?

I mean why wouldn't it be. We're going to be siblings anyway..

Then again.. Why do I get the feeling that she's going to be a big impact on our lives.

I looked around to see everyone laughing and telling stories about what happened in the past.

"I love this! It's so fun getting to know you guys, listening and watching all your keek videos so far I wish I have known you longer!" She said smiling with a little laugh.

"Wished we would have known you too." I said smiling at her, hoping she'll stay comfortable.

"Hey I have a question." She suddenly said.

"What is it, princess?" Calum asked.

Why does he call her that?

Well I call her Tomato but that's different.

"How come the three of you are the same age if you all have the same dad? And Ashton is close to your age? I mean just out of curiosity.. You don't have to tell me if it's too personal." She blurted out.

"Well.." Michael started.

"None of us are accidents." Calum blurted.

"How do we explain this.." Luke started thinking.

"Uhm.." I started to say.

"Sorry for asking." She said looking like an embarrassed tomato .

"Don't worry about it! Uhm I'm the eldest and I came into the band last because I grew up with just my mom." I started to pause a bit..

"I really wanted to know who my dad was and when I was old enough she finally told me who he was. Then I decided to look for him and he accepted me and gave me all the love and support he couldn't have given me as a child." I paused another time just remembering that time I first met my dad.

"The thing was, my parents never met before. Dad donated his.. You know and my mom apparently chose his and I got his genes. The good looks, musical talent, she said I'm like him at this age because she grew up Fangirling to his music. So once in a while if I have the chance I visit my mom and my half siblings." I ended it there.

"Aww I'm glad things worked out for you. Do you miss them?" She asked. She sounds interested.

All the boys knew this story, but.. They didn't know that dad donated. They thought dad just had a thing with a fan but nope..

"I do, everyday. But thanks to technology I can talk to them anytime!" I smiled at her.

"That's great!" She smiled again.

My heart feels warm when she smiles..



"Ashton, why didn't you tell us that dad donated?" I asked without thinking.

"Because dad didn't want you guys to think you were part of that donation. But he said only one woman had her hands on it and it was my mom." He said playing with his food.

"We understand." Calum said and he pats Ashton's back.

"So since we started from the eldest, Michael it's your turn." Luke said.

I looked at her and she's staring at me with her beautiful eyes.

"So I was an only child because we never knew about Ashton till we were like 15? 14? 16? Somewhere there. My mom won VIP passes to meet him around the same year Ashton was born and dad said they were in love instantly." I stopped to chuckle.

"If it's possible to fall in love that fast, that must have been a crazy romance. But ya, they ended up having me." I slowly passed and I swallowed a sip of Pepsi.

"When I was born my mom passed away. They couldn't save the both of us.. So my mom chose to save me instead." I said making sure I won't cry about it. I mean I never really knew my mom..

I looked at her and her eyes began to water.

"Uhm all I have is photos of her. Dad has told me so many stories about her. He says I got coloring my hair from her because she has different styles every few months so I love keeping the tradition of that." I smiled at her hoping she wouldn't cry.

"I'm.. I'm so sorry Michael." She got up and Luke gave her way, she sat beside me and hugged me.

"Don't worry. My mom will be a great mother for you too." She said with a smile that gives me hope.

"Thank you, sunshine." I said back with a smile.

She gives the nicest hugs.

I want more of it.



"You're mom is beautiful." She said to Michael as he showed her a photo.

"Can we see what she looks like?" Ashton asked.

Michael showed us a photo of his mom and our dad.

She does look beautiful. I feel bad that he lost her..

But as my princess said, he'll gain a new mom.

"Calum, your turn." Michael said.

"Uhm. Actually mine is connected to Luke."

I looked at him.

"You first." Luke said.

"Okay. Uh so Michael was only a few months old and when Michael's mom passed, Luke's mom was there for our dad and she got him back on his feet. She took care of Michael and she wanted a baby of her own."

I started thinking about it more.

"So... Dad tried but they somehow didn't get a chance. So.." I paused wondering how I would say it.

"So I'm adopted. My parents didn't have the money or the support to take care of me so dad and Luke's mom adopted me. But, at the time they weren't married so I had to be adopted by our dad." I looked down quietly.

"Dad promised my parents that I will be in touch with them and I have. I have an older sister, and dad said I'm keeping my last name so when I'm old enough I can go back home for good and be with my family again." I looked up at her.

"So you're a foster brother?" She said in shock.

"Yupp. But I'm happy. I have two families and I'm glad to have this much people in my life, and we're extending it with you." I smiled at her.

"So wait, how is this relating to Luke? Besides his mom being part of that." She is a cute curious girl.

"Your turn." Ashton said to Luke.

Adopted or not, we are still brothers.



"Okayyyy soooo. Little did our dad and my mom know. Calum was a new born baby and around February my mom started getting sick. They went to the hospital and said that she's already a few months pregnant with meeee." I said with a smile.

"I know this is very complicated and our dad moved on too fast after Michael, but he really is a great guy. He gave us all the love, the support, the time, and just about everything. He loves us all equally and we appreciate everything he does." Ashton said.

"I hope he'll be okay with me. I mean I'm going to be his first daughter right?" She sounded worried.

"Don't worry princess, dad loves you already." Calum said cheering her up.

"I hope so... Uhm.. So.. Luke, what happen to your mom?" She really wanted to know.

"Mom's still around. She just had to deal with three babies who are months apart. So after a few years, dad's been going on tours and partying so much that mom decided that she can't live a life being alone at home with the kids while our dad has the time of his life." I began to think about my mom. I really miss her.

"So when she left, dad stayed and became a full time father. He spent time with us, played games with us. It was the life. Growing up without our moms beside us was tough but dad did a great job at being mom and dad." I continued on.

"So your mom is dad's first love in years. Dad began touring and making music again when we were Preteens and we got inspired. And decided to start our own band." Calum continued.

"And then I came in." Ashton said.

"We knew someone was missing and Ashton showed us his wild drumming skills and we knew our band was complete." Michael said.

She sat there in silence.

"Sweetie? You okay?" I put my arm around her shoulder.

We're not blood. I'll make her mine..



So much information, it's overwhelming but it's great I'm getting to know them.

"I'm okay." I smiled at all of them.

"I'm glad you all told me about your personal lives. Thank you for accepting me into the family." I was about to cry.

"I've never had any siblings before, it was always just me. My mom was always out and I'm so glad I can feel so much love from the four of you." I tried very hard not to cry.

"Don't worry, you're our princess." Calum said with his chinky smile.

"You're also our Tomato." Ashton said also with a smile.

"You're our Sweetie pie." Luke said pulling me closer.

"And you're also our sunshine." Michael said patting my back.

I felt.. So loved..

They're all so nice..

But..I know in my heart I will love one of them differently.


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