It's been over a year since Cameron and Addison admitted their feelings for each other and also since Cameron he'd left, Addison is starting to believe that he had broken their promise which they had sealed with one last kiss and a goodbye.

~sequel to Mr. Sexy Bad Boy and Me~


21. chapter 21:

"You guys decided to join us?" Dawna joked. "Come on, take a seat" she rushed us. I sat down, and I looked around the table. I realized this is my family, I love them all so much. They may not all be blood but, their definitely my family.

"You look like your thinking too hard" Ellie commented.

"I'm just thinking about how much I love you all" I shrugged.

"Of course you love us" she laughed.

"We love you too" Dawna said, shaking her head at Ellie.

"My god, all these hormones are making me sappy" I huffed.

"You're still amazing" Cameron whispered in my ear, rubbing my back. "And beautiful" he kissed my head and went back to his sports talk with Jack and Henry.

"Thanks for dinner" I smiled, starting to clean up the table.

"Stop that" Ellie yelled.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Put down the dishes, you're not clearing the table" she said, I opened my mouth to protest. "You just had two babies" she said in a duh tone. "Go spend time with like Cameron and the twins" she started to shoo me off.

"I like spending time with you, the babies, well that kinda a different story" Cameron muttered then last part, getting a stern look from all of us. "I'm kidding, I love my kids, sure they cry and poop a lot" he shrugged. "Their kinda cute" he added. "I love you" he kissed me.

"I love you too" I shook my head, leading him to the living room. "Babe" I said after some silence.

"Hm?" He hummed, turning to me.

"Do you think we rushed into everything?" I asked.

"Well, things did go fast, but I don't regret a damn thing" he smiled, kissing me. "Now, it's late, let's get these little things to bed and we can have some fun" he winked.

"No" I said sternly.

"I'm joking, we can watch a movie, my hands will not be doing any roaming" he laughed.

"You are something else" I shook my head, grabbing Nova and heading down to their room. I gently laid her in her crib, making sure not to wake her up.

"How mad would you be if I said I dropped the baby?" He asked.

"I would drop you" I said, turning to him.

"Like you could even" he waved me off. "But I didn't drop him" he said as he put Nash in his crib. "Now, let's go watch a movie, you fall asleep in my arms" he said, walking to my room.

"Let me go change, pick a movie" I said, grabbing my pyjamas.

"You can change in front of me" he offered, I have him a look. "No? Okay, I'll be here" he nodded, getting into bed.

I changed, brushed my teeth and put my hair up into a ponytail. I crawled in next to Cameron and saw Thor on the screen. Before I knew it, I was almost asleep and a baby cry played through the baby monitor.

"I got it" he rushed once I started to get up.

"Thanks" I hummed, falling asleep. I don't think I'll be getting much of it now.

~in the morning~

"Holy shit" I sat up, waking up the the sound of.... Screaming. "I'm coming" I groaned, crawling out of bed. "Hey baby" I picked up a screaming Nova, and laid her next to Nash. Oddly, she went silent. "Oh my god, that worked" I gasped. "Cameron!" I yelled, running into my room.

"Are you dying?" He sat up quickly.

"No, but something amazing happened!" I said excitedly, jumping onto him.

"Oh my god" he groaned. "What is it?" He asked, moving me to a move comfortable position.

"Nova was just screaming, so I laid her next to Nash, because I don't know and she stopped" I said quickly.

"That's definitely interesting" he nodded, yawning. "That's my boy" he smiled.

"He's probably going to be a lady killer" I laughed.

"Addison" Ellie knocked on the door.

"Come in" I called.

"Cameron your friends are here, Addison Rosas here and Jack is hanging out with them too" she pointed around.

"Thanks" I smiled, she shut the door and left. "Let's get dressed" I nodded, grabbing a pair of shorts and a tank top.

"For two kids, you still got a banging body" he commented, pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

"You're so nasty" I rolled my eyes, grabbing the baby monitor and going upstairs.

"My love" Daniel yelled, picking me up and hugging me tightly.

"I've missed you my Daniel" I hugged him tightly.

"It has been awhile, but you had the babies, we had to come visit" he grinned.

"You're growing up too fast" Dylan shook his head. "Have fun my brother" he patted Cameron on the back.

"Rosa" I looked at her questionably, seeing her flirt with Jack.

"Omg, Addison, you look amazing" she hugged me tightly.

"I see through your bullshit, we're talking later" I held on to her and whispered in her ear.

"Sounds good" she laughed nervously, going back to sit next to Jack.

"Too many" Henry commented, turning out of the living room quickly.

"So what do you two do now a days?" Kayden asked, getting comfortable.

"So far, taking care of babies" I laughed.

"Hey bro, did you stop smoking?" Daniel asked, noticing he didn't have his pack of smokes with him. I smiled lightly at the thought.

"Yeah, during her pregnancy, I'm surprised you haven't noticed" he laughed.

"I don't pay attention to you" Daniel argued.

"Obviously, you do" Cameron said in a duh tone.

"Okay, I do" he huffed. "I just want to meet babies" he groaned.

"Fine" Cameron shook his head. He went downstairs and came back upstairs with my babies. "Nova, Nash, these are your uncles Daniel, Kayden and Dylan, and your Aunt Rosa" he introduced everyone.

We spent the day, just sitting in the house. It was really nice to be able to do this with them.


So, I'm thinking about just doing a time hop, maybe a chapter or two then an epilogue because I do really want to finish this book but I'm kinda on a writers block with it... Whoops

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