It's been over a year since Cameron and Addison admitted their feelings for each other and also since Cameron he'd left, Addison is starting to believe that he had broken their promise which they had sealed with one last kiss and a goodbye.

~sequel to Mr. Sexy Bad Boy and Me~


16. chapter 16: family

"She lives here in the city, I can give you her number to text her or something" she continued when she realized I wasn't replying.

"Okay" I said, writing down the number when she gave it to me. "Bye" I hung up, grabbing the paper at storming into Cameron's room.

"What brings you here, without a shirt" he gulped, staring.

"Not the time" I growled.

"What's up baby?" He asked, sitting down and sitting me on his lap.

"My parents have been lying to me for 17 years" I muttered.

"About what??" He asked, concerned.

"I have a sister, and she lives in the city" I said, trying not to cry.

"Are you going to meet her?" He asked after a moment of complete silence.

"I should text her I think" I sighed, "what do I even say?" I asked, about to panic.

"Just start out with a hey" he smiled.

To: Kayliee


"Okay, I sent it" I took a deep breath. "What now?" I asked.

"We go watch me play video games?" He asked hopefully, throwing me a shirt.

"Sure" I chuckled.

From: Kayliee

Who's this?

To: Kayliee

My names Addison, I don't know if you've heard of me..

From: Kayliee

Not since I was 6


Oh... Well I was wondering if we could meet up sometime

From: Kayliee

Sure, Im free tomorrow

To: Kayliee

Sounds great!

"We're meeting up tomorrow, this is big" I shook my head.

"Want me to go with you?" He asked.

"No, it's fine I'll take Jack" I smiled.

"Okay babe, love you" he kissed me.

"Love you too" I giggled, laying down.

~the next day~

"Ad, could you hurry up?" Jack yelled, impatiently.

"I'm getting ready, it's a thing people do" I yelled, pulling in a white dress and a pair of red heals with black bottoms. "Let's go bitch" I walked past him.

"You're snippy" he muttered, following after me.

"You're so ugly" I turned around and yelled.

"I thought I looked pretty good" he shrugged, grabbing his keys. "Don't be so nervous" he told me as we parked outside her house. It was medium sized, she lived in the suburbs.

"How can I not be nervous?" I asked shocked.

"I know, but you just have to relax" he tired, smiling sympathetically.

"Thanks" I nodded, getting out. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

"Oh hi, coming in" she smiled, she certainly looked like me but older. "Can I get you guys something to drink?" She offered, as she led us out to the patio.

"Lemonade?" I asked, awkwardly.

"Sure" she turned around.

"She seems nice so far" Jack pitched in.

"Yeah, I wonder if she lives here alone" I said, mostly to myself before she came back.

"Here you are" she smiled, setting down the tray. "Hold on a second" she left again, letting out two dogs. "Sorry" she laughed lightly, sitting down.

"It's fine" I smiled, this was really awkward.

"I really like that dress" she commented.

"Oh my god, thank you!" I smiled widely. "I just brought it online!" I mused, it was a really cute dress.

"Online shopping, my guilty pleasure" she laughed.

"Might be everyone's" I laughed.

"Oh, Jack I'm sorry this all might be boring to you" she laughed a bit. "If you want, you can go hangout with my husband, I think he's watching the game in the living room" she smiled.

"Sure, thanks" he nodded, walking inside.

"So why'd she give you my number?" She asked randomly.

"Something happened, things were said and then yeah" I said awkwardly.

"Come on, tell me what happened" she dragged on.

"So, I got pregnant and um I told them and dad told me to get rid of it and mom called to apologize" I sighed.

"You're pregnant?" She asked.

"Yeah" I trailed off.

"I hope that boys going to stay" she said.

"I think he will, we've been together for awhile" I smiled.

"And if mom and dad don't support you, I will" I beamed. "I know what teen pregnancy is like" she shook her head.

"You have kids?" I asked.

"Yeah, a 4 and 1" she smiled widely. "My days always a little interesting" she laughed.

"Seems like it" I giggled.

"But point is, I know what you're going through and I'm totally here" she smiled. "I hope we can be close" she nodded.

"Oh, why wouldn't we be!" I gasped. "You seem like the bomb" I exclaimed.

"Thanks, well I should get dinner started you think you two are going to stay?" She asked before calling the dogs inside.

"I think we will" I nodded.

"Li!" She yelled, the sound of paddling feet running. "This is auntie Addison" she pointed to me.

"I'm Liam" his eyes widened and he hugged my legs.

"Nice to meet you" I giggled.

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