Truly, Madly, Deeply (an Ashton Irwin Fanfiction)


3. Chapter Three

**The Next Day, At Calum's Party**

The smell of alcohol, the noise of techno music, and the sweaty bodies almost seemed like too much for somebody like me to handle. Suddenly, I felt large hands grab my waist, and when I turned around it was Ashton.

"heeey.. baby..." he slurred.

"Ash, you're drunk." I said with a frown. "How much have you had?" I rolled my eyes.

"just one... case." he smirked. I pushed away from him.

I loved Ashton and personally it was a little bit hard for me to see him like this. He was a jerk when he was drunk.

I found my best friend, Luke, who was another friend of Ashton's.

"you're not drunk, right?" I asked him curiously

"no.." he said in a voice that made me assume he wasn't.

"good. did you see Ash go anywhere?"

"yeah, he went upstairs with a girl. Pretty, blonde, and skinny. Sorry." he admitted nervously.

I went upstairs and into what seemed like Calum's bedroom. Surprise surprise, ash was there. he was making out with another girl.

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