Truly, Madly, Deeply (an Ashton Irwin Fanfiction)


1. Chapter One

He walked in. Tall, but not too tall, wearing a brown Nirvana shirt and a pair of black ripped jeans. Pieces of his blonde hair fell in front of his face just the way they needed to. His arms were so muscular, his legs were longer than the average human being, and he was straight up beautiful. He'd always been the school bad boy, he was in a band and was the drummer. He talked with the most pretty accent I had ever heard in my life, it fit his voice perfectly, and when he smiled, he had dimples. He was the perfect guy but I knew he would never fall for a girl like me.

I was surprised when his eyes scanned the classroom, looking for a place to sit. His eyes locked on the seat right next to mine, and he walked over and sat down. I continued doing my work and trying not to stare at him. Him, i thought, I was desperate to find out his name. but once again, he would fall for no one like me.

"Alright, class is dismissed." the teacher said. I picked up my books and before i could leave, I felt a hand on my arm, grabbing it, pulling me in so I'd stay there.

I turned back, to find that the hand on my arm was his hand.

"Y-yes?" I asked awkwardly, and I'm pretty sure my voice cracked.

"Do you wanna come over, to do our project together? he said with a huge grin.

"sure" I said, "when?"

"now." he said in a more demanding voice.

"Okay." I said.

Me and the boy walked out to his car together, he slammed the door as he got in and drove.

"So, anyway," he said, "I never got your name?"

"Hannah." I said, "I never got yours, either."

"Oh yeah" he said with a laugh "I'm Ashton."

We both just sat there listening to music on the radio. Both of us in silence, this was perfect.

When we finally got to Ash's house, I walked in. "wow, Ashton, this place is amazing."

"thanks." he said with a smile. "let's go up to my room."

I walked up the stairs with Ashton, and into his room.

"So, before we start our project, we should ,uh, get to know each other." Ashton said.

I mumbled a quick "okay" and sat on the bed next to him. We both looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like the longest time, until we both fell into a long, passionate kiss.

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