Peace Lost ~ Divergent fanfiction

A girl, not even related to Triss or Four, is Divergent. She is told about that and then asked by her parents to join Dauntless. Arya, the girl, ends up joining but soon is found out by a new instructor, who just happens to also be Divergent...what will happen? Will they both stop the war? Will love evolve to something more? Or will they both be ones joining the new army?


2. Dauntless

Arya sat with her parents in the Abnegation cultivation, when her name was called she stood up and walked down to the place where she'd choose whom to be, she slit her hand and held it over her parents cultivation but just then at the last moment she switched to Dauntless. She watched as her blood dripped down to the embers/charcoal. She stood and walked over to the Dauntless side of the room, not staring at her parents, she sat down. 

"That concludes the choosing!" The woman called out as the Dauntless group began to run out and get ready to hop on the train. They ran to the railroad and began to climb up, without hesitation, Arya clutched the rails and began to climb. Just as she reached the top, the other members were jumping onto the train, Arya began to run, quickly catching up to the last car and launching herself into the car. A girl looked over at her and smiled. 

"you made it!" she replied lightly. 

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