Peace Lost ~ Divergent fanfiction

A girl, not even related to Triss or Four, is Divergent. She is told about that and then asked by her parents to join Dauntless. Arya, the girl, ends up joining but soon is found out by a new instructor, who just happens to also be Divergent...what will happen? Will they both stop the war? Will love evolve to something more? Or will they both be ones joining the new army?


3. Becoming Dauntless

Arya quickly learned her place at the bottom of training. She sighed as the other trainers fell asleep and she swiftly awoke and moved out to the training area, beginning to punch the punching bag and soon stopped as she saw blood caking her knuckles. She continued after a moments hesitation and blood dripped to the ground, afterwards her hand was grabbed by one of the instructors and he shook his head as he led her to a corner and sat her down, taking a piece of his shirt and wrapping her blood and bruised knuckles in it.

"Come with me, let me show you something." he said and led her to the daggers and threw three of them. "You try Arya" he murmured, touching her arm and gave her a dagger. He placed his hands on her arm and showed her the correct movement to throw the dagger. She tensed and then threw it, hitting the target perfectly each time. 

"Thanks...I'd better get back." Arya murmured and turned to leave but the instructor grabbed her arm and shook his head "You can't stay're in danger." He said sharply "You must and I together....we're Divergent!" he said softly...his eyes searching hers. 

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