My best friend brother


2. shopping with Louis

Eleanor pov:

Okay so I have a plan today and I hope it works because I know Haley like Louis and Louis like Haley so I am going to tell Haley that I need to by something for my mom and she gets to shop with Louis. I hope my plan works. I have to get them together they would be so cute together.

Right now we are looking around the mall and here is my chance to get them together.

" hey Haley" I said

" yeah" she said

" I need to go but something for my mom can you keep Louis company please" I said lying

" you are going to pay for this" she said

" yeah I know" she said

And I left her with Louis.

Plan a in progress.

Haley pov:

I can't believe she left me alone with Louis and she knows I like him a lot. But the scariest thing is her plans always work no matter what she does it always does. This is great. Ha. Not.

Right now me and Louis are walking around the mall not saying a word he looks nervous though. But whatever he hasn't talk to me since Eleanor's house. Did I do something wrong?

I wanted to say something but I thought if I did he might just ignore me anyway so I didn't want to say anything l was scared okay I was scared of speaking to Louis Tomlinson.

" do u want to go eat something and talk" he asked

" sure if u want to" I said

We walked to the food court and got some pizza it was weird we both order the same pizza and the same drink, we sat down and he started to talk about things and his childhood he told me things that he never told the lads( 1D boys) before.

" Haley" he asked

" do u want to see a movie tonight" he asked

" sure I love too" I said with a smile.

" Eleanor planned the alone thing didn't she" Louis asked

" yes she did" I laughed

" I am happy she did" he smiled

" me too" I said.

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