Thought Of You // Luke Hemnings.

Cassandra Styles, Harry Styles little sister begins attending the same school in which the boys of 5 seconds of summer also are enrolled in. Her stretched ears, punk rock ego, and confidence is a bit intimidating yet intriguing for specific people.. including Luke. What will happen when Cass develops a close relationship with the boys, just as drama, secrets, fame and rumors increase!? Read on! :)


1. important!

hey guys, im really scared about publishing this. but please give me your feedback and yeah! (: uhm i'll be updating quite a lot because it's summer- although it ends in like 2 weeks (not even) still... anyway! make sure to follow me, or whatever you do to keep up with people on here bc im going to be taking requests for imagines and fanfictions! im gonna be super active okay! xo

I hope you enjoy! Stay rad.

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