Thought Of You // Luke Hemnings.

Cassandra Styles, Harry Styles little sister begins attending the same school in which the boys of 5 seconds of summer also are enrolled in. Her stretched ears, punk rock ego, and confidence is a bit intimidating yet intriguing for specific people.. including Luke. What will happen when Cass develops a close relationship with the boys, just as drama, secrets, fame and rumors increase!? Read on! :)


2. chapter two

Cassandra's Point Of View:

My shoulder swiped forward, and a book slipped through my arms. "Here, let me get that!" A boy jumps in front of me, and picks up the book. "Uh thanks!" I giggle. "It's not a problem, I apologize for my clumsiness. I just uh, wanted to help a pretty little lady.. Let me see your sceduhale!" He grins and I hand him it. "Ah! Calculus with me! I'll take you there." He says, and locks his arm with mine. "I'm Ashton." He says, confidently. "You're corny, is what you are." I giggle, and swipe a strand of hair out of my face. "Hey!" He laughs, and nudges my shoulder before we enter a class room. "So this is Mrs. Rogers, she's super cool just always be on time!" He says, as we take our seats in the 4th row. Kids start packing in, and I notice the same boy who was staring at me before. He sits in the way back, this time. The class was quick, and easy. Next period was Lunch, as I missed the first two periods. I decided to just get a rootbeer, for lunch. I was too anxious to eat. I noticed every table was full, but kids would simultaneously open their seats as if I was trying to sit with them. Instead I found a table in the back, with three boys. Michael I knew, because he already introduced himself when I sat beside him in Science. One of the other boys, was the one who was staring at me in science and the hallway. "Hey! Look who it is!" Michael greets. "Uhm, who is it?" A boy with dark brown hair asks. "That's Cassandra!" Michael points. I nod. "Mind if I sit here?" I say, shyly. "I'm sure Luke would be happy if you-" Michael begins but is cut off with a boy throwing a chip at him. He picks it up, and eats it. I slide my rootbeer as I take my seat. "I'm Calum, and this is Luke." The boy with the dark hair, holds his hand out. I smile, and shake it. We mostly discussed video games, and the kids here, and then we got on the harsh topic. "So are you like related to Harry Styles?" Michael asks, bluntly. Calum nudges his arm. "What? I'm curious!!" Michael throws his hands up, in surrender. "No it's fine! And yes.. erm he's my older brother!" My head sinks. Luke is the one staying quiet through all of this. "Stop smothering her with questions." Calum finally says. "I'm sorry, that just must be hard.." Michael says. "Oh believe me, it is." I sigh. "Well, Cassandra! Were not fakes, so you've got us. How bout you come over tonight for some fifa with the boys." Calum winks. "I'd love that!" I smile, warmly and slowly get up from the table to throw out my drink. --

The rest of the day went by quite slow, but I managed to make it by. I am now waiting in the hallway for Mikey, when a bunch of kids swarm me. "Jesus, you'd think it was a zombie apocalypse goin' on." A girl says climbing through the kids. "Yeah.." I mumble, afraid of their next move as they just sort of speak over each other and stare. "Leave her alone!" The girl screams, and everyone leaves slowly.

"I'm Ashley, and you are-" She opens her locker.

"I'm uh, Cassandra." I nod, as I see Mikey, Luke and Calum walking towards me. Luke just concentrated on his walking, while the rest of them stare bright eyed.

"Hey, I'll catch ya later." I head over to them. I sigh in relief as we head down the hall together. Mikey's house was just a few blocks down from the school, and the walk was pretty fast as Mikey sprinted because his mom had left pizza.

The house was small, but large enough for Mikey and his parents. I kept to myself for most of the night, then he brought out fifa.

"Calum VS Cassandra! Head to Head!" Mikey says in a mono-tone voice. I giggle, and crinkle my nose eagerly. My thumbs jabbing the buttons,

I then stood up in defeat. "Ohhh!!!" I shout, as I jump up and giggle to myself. Calum tossed his head in his hands, in fake sadness. And Luke plays along with it, rubbing his back soothingly. Mikey high fives me, and we celebrate with a slice of pizza.

"I think we should call it quits for tonight." Mikey says sadly, as his console dies and the pizza box is empty. We all nod in aggreement and I grab my phone off the couch.

"Peace guys!" Calum says as he heads out the back door. Mikey opens the front door, and Luke and I start walking home.

"Where do you live?" I ask, quietly. He chuckles, probably because that came off super creepy and pedophilic. "Just east of 82." He nods. "You should no... I passed last years semester by 2 points." I say, squinting my eyes. "I uh.. love down by the complexes." He says, in referance to where I live. "Oh, okay!" I nod. "So uh, Can I ask why you were staring at me this morning." I giggle. "Oh erm, you just erm looked quiete furmiliar. That's all." He smiles. "Probably because I'm Harry Styles little sister." I roll my eyes, at my statement.

"Hey." He says, and stops. He grabs my shoulders, and shakes them gently. "You're Cassandra, a boss fifa player. Not Harry Styles little sister.. I mean.. In literal terms, you are- but you get the point." He smirks.

"Thank you, Luke." I smile warmly, and play with the seams of my sweater. "Any time." He says, as we head inside of the complex.

I look at his face, and examine all the features. His flat hair, His blue eyes, His nice smile. I quickly walk into him, and rest my head on his chest. At first he does nothing, then he wraps his arms around me and holds me tighter into him. "What are you-" Grant, my little brother cuts us off. Luke and I dispurce immediately, and I just smile as a goodbye.

"Who is that?" Grant cooes, as we head into the elevator together. "A friend." I smile, to my self.

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