Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


3. waking up to her


I woke up noticing that she was still asleep. I just sat there watching her sleep. She looked to peaceful. I've never seen a girl like this. She really seemed down to earth. She woke up:( I just wish it lasted a little longer. Just one more minute. We looked at each other. I said " Did you sleep good love?" I love how I'm already calling her love. And how she doesn't mind. She's just so adorable. She just nodded and that's when we heard loud laughter. We both stuttered and dashed to the bedroom.


God, Louis is just so hot! And so funny. I just can't believe we are talking to them! Elé and Niall just can't stop looking at each other. They would be so adorable. That's when Sophie and Harry walk in. He grabs her waist. She didn't move a muscle. I motioned for them to sit down with us. But that's when I pilot said we were landing and to please find our seats. Sophie and Harry walked out and sat down I think. So Louis and I did the same. Elé and Niall followed.


Man, Brailyn is just gorgeous. She's so kind. And awesome. We have so much in common. I had the sudden urge to grab her hand. I didn't know what came over me. She didn't hesitate she just acted normal. She then moved my hand to her shoulder. So she could wrap her arms around my waist. How sweet. Already doing stuff that we would do if we end up dating. She laid her head gently on my chest. Her hair smelt amazing. I'm just glad I'm taller than her. It seemed like all the guys were taller than the girls. Harry's eyes lit up every time he looked at I think her name was Sophie, it's the happiest I've seen him in a while. I'm happy for him. And the fact that these fine young ladies are right across the hall.;P

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