Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


5. their door


I knocked on the door. I heard someone running for it. Niall opened it. I jumped on him. I couldn't contain my love for him. He just held me close. I nuzzled my head into his neck. We hugged for like 10 minutes. Louis walked in and covered his eyes laughing and apologizing at the same time.


I really think I'm falling for her. I just never wanted to loose her. She really did light up my world. Ever since I saw her, I didn't want to let her go. Then Louis ruined the moment. As soon as he walked in, he covered his eyes, laughing and apologizing at the same time. You could barely understand him. That's when Brailyn walked in.


I walked into Louis, Harry and Niall's apartment because 1. It was open and 2. I was wondering if Harry was ready because it was 6:55 pm. "Harry, are you ready?" I yelled. "Ya ill be over in a sec!" He screamed back. I ran back to our apartment and screamed to Sophie " hurry up! He'll be over any minute!" That's when she walked out and Harry walked in at the same time.

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