Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


6. the date


I walked out of my bedroom door to find Brailyn and Harry's jaw on the floor. " pick your jaws up or I will!" I teased. I was wearing a heart shaped gown that was turquoise with a hint of lime green. Brailyn walked towards me saying "You look amazing love!" "Thank you." I replied. I walked to Harry but he met me half way. "Y... You look absolutely g...gorgeous!"he stuttered. I liked that. "You look handsome yourself Mr. Styles." I kissed his cheek. He blushed. "Shall we?" I asked "We shall." He responded. We had the limo taking us somewhere. Every time I asked Harry, he wouldn't tell me. He put his arm around me. I leaned on him. I looked up at him and he was already looking down at me. We start leaning in closer and closer and closer. Finally we are inches apart. Then, his lips met mine. They were so soft and gentle. We kissed for about the whole ride to the restaurant. When we got there, we took deep breathes. We went inside this really fancy restaurant.

~skipping past dinner~


We got in the car and couldn't keep our hands off each other! We just started kissing. We just couldn't stop. I don't know what we were or what we were doing, but I just went along with him. He carried me up to the apartment bridal style. Slowly setting me down so I could see if anybody was home. We were clear. The girls must've gone and hung out with the guys. We quickly ran to my room. He started stripping down to his boxers and asked if I have ever done it before. I replied "Um no... Why?" While stripping into my bandeau and undies. " Well I guess it's because I wanted to be the first time. So I was just making sure love. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean we just met today. I'm perfectly fine with just cuddling in bed if you want. We can do whatever" he said while he lay on the bed. I crawled next to him. He rolled on top of me supporting himself on his hands and knees. We just stared at each other I nodded and said" we should probably just cuddle I want to stay close to you." He nodded as well and kissed the top of my forehead. He rolled back over and got up picking me up bridal and tossed me onto the bed. He just grabbed the covers and pulling them on top of us. We fell asleep soon after that.


Jamie and I are now just getting to the apartment and finishing unpacking we walk next door to Sophie's apartment. We knocked on the door. No answer. We find the hidden key and walk in. We realized only one door was shut so we creep inside it and jump on to her! "What the HELL?!?" Sophie screamed! An attractive guy crawls out with Sophie. " what the hell guys we were sleeping!" Sophie wined. " who the heck is he?" Jamie replied in a sexy yet disturbing voice. " he's mine back off" Sophie growled. But they both ended up laughing. "But seriously... Wait?!? Is this the one and only Harry styles?!?" Jamie questioned "Yes..." Sophie replied


I whispered in Harry ear "We aren't wearing any clothes... Maybe we should kick them out and cuddle some more?" Harry nodded. "Girls, can you excuse us we are going to change" Harry asked. They both nodded and left the room. Harry and I crawled into the bed and cuddled up and fell asleep. Man we are moving quickly.


"Hey Liam, Zayn, there are some really cute girls next door. Room 318." Louis yelled. So Zayn and I walked to apartment 318 and knocked on the door. A medium heighth dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. I really want to get to know this girl. I have a feeling she is different from other fans.


He was just standing there. Liam Payne. My favorite person in 1D. I couldn't believe it. I asked nervously if they would like to come in. Zayn walked in behind Liam. " hi. I... I'm Avery" I said stuttering " I'm Liam but you probably knew that. Do you maybe wanna hangout?" He asked nervously. I think that's cute. I followed him to I think was his apartment. We walked past his living room, into a huge master suite. We sat down on his bed. We kept leaning closer and closer. Then our lips met. It sent fireworks. I had butterfly's in my stomach bursting to get out.

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