Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


1. heading to London


I'm Sophie. I'm 17, and all of my friends are 18. My friends call me Soph. Let's get straight to to story shall we? Today, is my last day as a senior!! If you were wondering, no I did not go to prom. No one wants a girl with brown ombré curly hair, freckles right under the eyes, and a jeep cj-7. I am a country girl from California and I go to a preppy school. Soon I'm off to vacation with my four best friends Elé, Jamie, Avery, and Brailyn! They've been there for me longer than I can remember! We are all going to London for vacation.

~skipping to the day they leave for vacation~


I'm so excited! Today is the day we all leave for vacation! Avery and Jamie already went to London to go to one of the flats my uncle Brian already owned. He owns two flats and we decided to split them up. Elé, Brailyn, and I are in one and Jamie, and Avery are in the other. He apparently owns the most expensive ones in London! He told me in private that there were five very handsome boys living across from us! I'm nervous about meeting them! My uncle showed them pictures of me... He also stated that they are going to the same college as us! Well actually, college starts in a month. But we wanted to go and meet people and boys... None of us have boyfriends.

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