Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


13. dating or not?


So far today, it's been a month since we've been here. As I walked over to Harry's I was thinking about asking him if I could have a friend fly out. I knocked on the door. "So, are you ready for our slumber party!?" I asked him jumping up and down. "OMG! You know it girlfriend" Harry laughed while jumping with me. As we were walking in, he asked "ok so The Vow, The Notebook, or Fifty First Dates?" I walked up to the counter, grabbed The Notebook, and pulled his arm with me to the couch. Before we sat I grabbed his shirt pulling it off him. I took mine off and slipped his on. I put my hands on his neck. He pulled me by my waist and held me close. "I love you Miss. Johnson." He kissed my nose. "I love you too Mr. Styles" I pulled him down making him in almost in a squatting positioning kissed his forehead. He picked me up and I threw my head back laughing. He kissed me hard. Harder than usual. We got really, really deep into it. We layed on the couch.


As she was under me, I stared into her eyes. I smirked and she gave me a confused look. I sat up a little bit. I lifted up my hands and started tickling her. She laughed so hard she had tears forming in her eyes. I threw her up over my shoulder running around my flat. I ran into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. She stood up throwing a pillow at me. I picked up the pillow, and started to throw it. She screamed and ducked. I fell onto the bed laughing. She crawled up on bed and grabbed my arm. She pulled me into the living room onto the couch. We finished the movie. After that, we went to sleep, we were so tired!


It's been 15 days for Niall being in the hospital. He's been awake for almost a week now. We've been talking about a lot of stuff. I've never left. Part of me didn't want to see Liam and the other part was that I didn't want to leave Niall. I noticed he started to flutter his eyes. I started to tear up and smile. "Hey princess, what's wrong?" "Well, Liam on me." I said starting to sob. "Oh baby I'm so sorry, come here!" He leaned in to give me a hug. He kissed my cheek. I stared at his eyes. I leaned in and he grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed back hard. I didn't care if anybody walked in. I sat up on his bed. For some reason this felt right. I feel safer with Niall than I did with Liam. I don't know why I didn't date Niall instead of Liam. Oh right, Elé. I almost forgot. Oh well. For the first time in a while I feel like I am where I belong.


I decided not to ask him just yet. Elé just left like a few weeks ago. But I think I will talk to him about something fun! "Hey Harry?" I asked curiously. "Ya love?" He asked softly. "I need to ask you something." I asked. He looked nervous. "Don't worry, you'll like it!" Is said jumping up. "Okay, go on with it then! What is it!?" He asked grabbing my hands. "Well, I was thinking about taking a trip with everyone! Like maybe the Caribbean's, or Hawaii, or Cuba!" I said looking at him smiling sheepishly. "I think that's a wonderful idea! But tell me, is there something else going on, or you want to tell me?" He asked slyly. "Well, before we go on the trip, I was wondering if....if I could ask my friend Addison to come here and live with us?!" I said. "Oh my, yes of course! You know you didn't have to ask love!" He replied! I yawned and we decided to go to sleep.

(Authors note: sorry, it's short, a longer one coming up next.!)

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