Those Summer Nights

Love, school, fights, romance


8. caught


I cleared my throat to try and make Jamie stop making out with Zayn on our kitchen counter. Because Liam and I were watching a movie. They both turned around. Looking shocked and embarrassed they quickly left and I think went to his room. Liam and I sat back down on the couch and cuddled up to each other and finished the movie. We started talking about random things. The next thing I knew we were having sex on the couch. Man have things escalated quickly. I really really like him too!


Avery and I were having sex on the couch. I can't believe it! It's just I wanted to do it a long time ago! But I wasn't sure if she was like Niall, 'no sex till marriage' I thought. After we were done, I whispered in her ear " this is going to be the best summer yet" then I kissed her forehead. I'm thinking about asking her her to move in with me. I'm sure Zayn wouldn't mind. I'm nervous I'm gonna do it! " hey Avery, do you m... maybe wanna move in with me?" "Yes" she said happily! I gave her a quick kiss and told her I was going to tell Zayn.

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