The Stories by me

Stories that are randomly chose by me...


2. Zach

Hi, my name is Erica Presley. I moved to Pennsylvania from Tennessee after the death of my mother. She died of the car accident while trying to get home from work. She was the only one who took care of me when my father left us. She was also skinny and beautiful unlike me who is fat and have a round head. She was my only best friend, and we used to play with each other; however, I was now the orphan child who had no friends. Office Watts told me I needed to be in the orphanage where the children are like me and the people who worked there will take care of me. Of course, I believed him and packed my bags. We attended to there and it looked like a huge mansion with red color. I looked at Watts while my body shivered. He smiled and told me that I will be safe so I nodded with a weak smile. I got out of his black car and took a step to the people.


While being there after I arrived, it wasn't like Office Watts said to me earlier. The children bullied me because of my looks. They would called me 'fat' and 'fatty' when they saw me. Tina, who was the popular kid in the orphanage, would push me down to the floor and yelled, "Cow has been down!" Then, she would kicked me and then spitted on me. Sometimes, she would have her boyfriend, Jeff, to harassed me with her.  In many attempts, I tried to get the people to help me from the bullying, but they didn't wanted to listen me. They would look away from me and said, "They are just playing with you", or ignored me.  


I didn't get why they would let these children do this to me. Maybe they were in their side or didn't cared about anything what is happening to me. I was just sick of it. I wished my mother won't left me here in this Earth. I dreamed of her being here with me, stoking my hair and singing me a song called Mommy's little angel. Sometimes, I would cut myself with red marks on my arm and wore long-sleeves shirts. I always told myself that I am not beautiful and needed to be die.


After three years and turned sixteen, I met a boy who moved in the orphanage. His name was Zach Wasison. The people told us that he was found in the woods by the orphanage and he didn't have any parents. He has black, shaggy hair and green eyes. His skin was pale, a very pale skin. His body was lanky which made me look up to find his face. And what I found his shocking is how he walked. His body would twitched as his lanky legs were trying to balance himself. It was strange of a person to walk like that. Everyone would look at him and called him strange which I would said. They might tried to ignore him like recess. They would go to the field and play sports which I didn't like to do with out to Zach, who would sit by the woods.


However, he seems like a sweet guy. I saw him helped a kitten who was in the woods and gave it back to its owner. I have to say that he doesn't need to get treated unfairly by his appearances. I decided to talk when recess. I sat next to him and said, "Hi."

"Hi," he said shyly. His voice was deeply, but kinda soft.

"My name is Erica Presley. You?" I asked.

"Zach...Zach Wasison," he replied. 


I smiled and looked around the view. It was sunny with the winds were blowing. Then, I felt a red dodge ball hit my face. 

"Erica!" Zach yelled who held on to me.

"Sorry, I didn't saw that cow was sitting there," laughed Jeff who was standing by Tina. People stared to laugh. I stared at Zach and saw his eyes were red with angry. When he noticed me staring at him, his eyes turned green again.

"Erica...why they called you a cow?" he asked.


I sighed and told him about everything what they'd done to me and how the adults would ignore it. I thought he would be like them, but he didn't. He listened to every word what I had said. He sighed deeply and said, " don't listened them. You are beautiful and you know it."


"Beautiful?" I startled, "I am not beautiful. Just look at me! I am fat and ugly! They're right about me. And I needed to be like those girls."


He shook his head and replied, "Erica, you are not ugly. I know that you are chubby, but it doesn't meant you are ugly. You're beautiful."


I knew that he meant that, but I didn't felt like it wasn't. I just gave him a weak smile. I just don't think I am beautiful. He let go of me and said, "I will be here and watch you not too far. I will protect you from them if they ever hurt you. I worried about you, Erica."


He stoked my brown hair and walked off to the orphanage. I knew that he will be here for everywhere when I was sad. I would see him by my door on every day. We would talk to each other and play games by our own style. When Tina and her friends came around, I saw them staring at me with Zach in a death glare, but I was safe with Zach by my side. He was like my guardian angel that fell from the sky.  I always wished that he wouldn't leave me from this place; however, I didn't saw him after a week later. I always tried to find him, but he wasn't there. I thought he was adopted to some family and will never come back. I cried myself to sleep everyday when I ever thought about him. 


When I walked outside for fresh air, I was like a zombie as my body moving slowly this morning. Then, I saw Tina who punched me in my face and knocked me down to the sidewalk. Tina and Jeff were staring down at me, laughing. 


"Where is your little boy, fatty?" she smirked, "Did he left you?"


I just stared at her as I was trying to say something. Then, I felt Jeff kicked my huge belly which made me screamed in pain. Tina chuckled in amusement and told Jeff to 'learn me a lesson'. He nodded and kicked me again. He kicked and kicked as I felt like throwing up. Then, Tina punched me on my face which made my nose bleed. They kept hurt me until I was dead. Finally, I found something to fight them back. A huge brick on the grass. I picked it up and threw at Tina which made her held her hands to her face, grunting. I got up and ran to the woods.


I felt my huge titties was going to depart from my body so I held them in my arms. I heard Tina's and Jeff's voice were louder as they screamed profanity. Then, I stopped to take a breathe. I knew that I was lost in the woods, don't knowing where I ran from. As I looked around to find get back, I felt a hard object hit my back. I fell back and saw Jeff was standing there with a tree branch. Tina was walking toward me with a bleeding nose and then kicked me at the face as she screamed.


"You fat bitch!!"


I felt more bleed was coming out of my blood. I looked back to Tina and Jeff who were talking to each other. They were explaining something to each other until I heard something shocking from her.


"Kill her."


Jeff nodded and walked toward me. I moved my thick legs to get away from him, but was bumped into a tree. I saw him raising the tree branch when my life was flashing. I closed my eyes for this moment. I was ready to face death himself, but I heard Jeff grunted and Tina screamed. I opened my eyes and saw a figure behind him. It was very lanky and white person behind him. His face was very white as his eyes were red and his mouth was huge with shape teeth. It was a monster. I noticed that it was naked and have Jeff in its hand though him. Its figures were very sharp and long.  It slowly pulled it out of him, and he slowly fell down. It turned at Tina who was standing there with her mouth opened. It walked slowly to her with his legs were trying to balance its twitching body. It kind of like how Zach walked. Tina tried to kill it by throwing stuff at it, but it didn't work. The monster walked very come to her and then I closed my eyes. I heard Tina was screaming and then she was silenced. I opened my eyes again and saw the monster was eating her.  It was finished and then looked at me.


My body was shivering in fear because I thought I was going to be killed too. It walked toward me and started to stroke my hair. I was confused by this moment because he killed Tina and Jeff, but not me. Then, I heard a familiar voice by it.


"You are safe now, Erica."


I realized that it said my name and its voice was similar like Zach. I looked up to it and asked it if it was Zach, and it said it was. I was shocked for a moment because I never saw Zach like this. He was human when I met him, but now he is a monster. Then, I realized something about him of what he told me. He was the demon who transformed him into humans, animals, or objects. He watched me into many things without me knowing which one is him. Then, he told me to stay here with him. And I said, "Yes! Yes, I will...". Then, he smiled bigger than ever. I got up and held his hand. We walked to the dark side of the woods.


While years of being with Zach, my life was happier than before. Zach played with me like we used to do when we met each other. He was still like that Zach that I used to like. He made me felt special and gave something I need which it was happiness. As soon as I didn't ate anything, I felt my weight was down and my body was thinner than before. My bones were showing though my skin. And people in the country were looking for me including the people who didn't cared about me at first. I knew that they will miss me, but I just wanted to be alone with Zach. I always be with him as long as I am weak...


....Until the maggots began to eat inside of me.


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