The Stories by me

Stories that are randomly chose by me...


5. When You see me inside...

When you see me inside, you will see a woman with a past- a past that she kept from people. The lies and betraytals that she kept inside of her for many years. The men that she trusted all of her life would destory it like a piece of paper. She would cry yet angry at them for the mess what they commited.

She was almost raped by her ex boyfriend who has a huge passion for computer as she does. Also, she was used by her new lover who was a fighter and killer. She was famed for the murder of a famous singer because of him. He never loved her and treated her like a toy as her ex has eyes of lust with sexual fantasies about her. Because of these lies- and famed for the murder, people she'd loved never trusted her again. Her father, her gandmother, and her friends...they didn't loved again. They stayed away from her as she suffered with loneliness and angry. She decribed to run away from the light of New England to the darkness.

After that, she became the inscure person that stayed in the darkness of me. I could hear her scream in angry and mumbled about the men who had a crush on me or asked me out. Like they will turn as monsters like the others and made me felt like shit if I gained their trust. My siblings of my mother's side would try to get me to date, but I just can't. So I stayed single as my teenage years past by.

When I am woman who still in college, I still look at the wrld that was cuel and evil. I kept the woman inside of me, but tried to forget the past and move on. I still confused by these thoughts: Why will a man will just cumble a woman's trust? Do they just evil and they will do something to the girl to like them then hurt? Well, my questions were never answered.

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