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4. The Twins of Cry-Part 2

In the parents' bedroom, Lord Cryaotic and Lady Vera was sleeping peacefully under the white sheet. His arm was on her as he was close to her body. They were smiling as they slept together even though Cry has a pokeface mask on. Then, Mary appeared in the bedroom, standing in front of them with light blue glowing from her.


"Guys!" she shouted.


Cry and Vera was waken by her yelling. They looked at her with sleep in their eyes. "Mary, what are doing you here?" Vera asked in a sleepy tone.


"Queen Minx told me to see your babies' futures so I did when you guys left. One of your child has a good one, of your doesn't..." Mary confessed.


Cry leaned forward toward Mary and asked, "Who will?" Their eyes weren't full of sleep anymore.


Mary sighed and said, "Your son, Charlie..."


Vera gasped with her hands on her mouth. Cry shook his head in response.  They couldn't believe that their son will be the one with the bad future. Charlie is actually the first baby to brought to this word before Maria. They are very upset with this.


" there anything to help him change this way before that happen?" Vera asked while holding her boyfriend, Cry.


"No, you can't. His future will be already done, but you must teach your babies when they have magic. You might put them in the magic training course like your boyfriend did as a Vox or Cry will train them," Mary explained.


Vera and Cry looked at each other and nodded. They knew what they have to do and it is training them first and then magic training school when they are five. They walked out of their bedroom to see their children. When they got inside of their babies' bedroom, their jaws dropped. They saw blue water were making the bed into a little blue crib including Charlie's which it is red. They couldn't believe their eyes. Charlie's and Maria's magics are finally develop. They turned around and saw Mary who had her arms cross on her chest.


"Maybe you need to this earlier when they now have magic."


They nodded slowly and then looked back at their children.


After six years later, Maria and Charlie were now six-years-old by now. They were trained by their father, Lord Cry (I always made his name with the Lord or not) while their mother was watching them trained. They were learning to use spells in their magic school. Sometimes, they could be taught by Lord Cry's friend, Sir Russ, Ma'am Red, Sir Snake, and Sir Junds. They were doing pretty good on their magics which they made felt like Gods. They sometimes prank them and even their friends-Felix who is Lord Pewdiepie and Lady Mariza's son and Ella who is Sir Russ and Ma'am Red's daughter. Queen Minx would sometimes come to visit them with Lady Krism, her wife, and Lady Mary. She would stared carefully at Charlie who would tried to prank his twin sister. 


At the night of Victubia, Charlie was sleeping in his huge, red bed. He was in the room with Maira who was in the other side of the room. She laid on the left side of the bed, looking outside of the window. She was bored and wanted do something with her magic. Suddenly, she got a idea to do it. She got out of her bed and walked over to Charlie's bed. She got on his bed and started to shake him.


"Hey, Charlie. Wake up," Maria said while shaking him.


Charlie moaned and looked at Maria. "What, Maria?" he asked in a sleepy tone.


"Want to play a game?" Maria smiled.


Charlie smiled at her and slowly got out of his bed with her. They sneaked though the hall so that their parents will not find them. After passing many halls, they went to the huge living as they laughed with joy.


"Let's do the magic! Let's do the magic!" Maria cheered.


"Okay, I will go first," said Charlie.


He rotated his hands as Maria leaned closer. Fire appeared as a little fire ball which surprised Maria. Then, he stopped and then threw it to the roof. It went into little fire sparkles.


"Okay, maybe it is very good, but I can do better."


Maria waved her hands in many directions which formed water. She threw her hands to the air and made the water blew into butterfly. It made Charlie's jaw dropped.


"Wow, how do you do that?" Charlie asked.


"Daddy taught me," Maria replied with a smile.


"Okay, let's make some more!" Charlie cheered in excitement.


While their fun adventure with their magic, they made their magic combined with fun and love for each other. Maria would made a water flower, and Charlie would made a fire doll which it is for Maria to love it forever. Then, Charlie would made a fire steps for Maria who would cooled the fire withe her water magic to step on them and then jumped into the next one. As Maria jumped and cheered for fun, Charlie knew that she was jumped too fast and he couldn't keep up.


"Maria, slow down!" Charlie warned Maria.


However, she was full of excitement which she didn't wanted to stop. When Maria finally jumped to the next step which Charlie didn't made yet., he hesitated and thrusted his figures to Maria. The fire appeared and hit Maria at the head which made her knock out to the floor. He gasped and ran toward her.


"Maria!" Charlie shook her to wake her up, but she didn't. He started to cry and then called his mother and father. Lord Cryaotic and Vera ran to the living room and saw their son crying over Maria's unconscious body. 


"Dammit, Charlie. This got out of hand!" Cry shouted as his girlfriend and him ran toward them.


"B-But I didn't tried to..." Charlie said.


"I know you didn't mean to, Charlie, " said Vera while she stroked her son's brown hair, "But we need to go to the castle for your father to wake up Maria and everything will be fine, okay?"


He stared at her soul which he knew that she is serious and cared. He nodded with a smile. Then, Cry picked up Maria and ran outside with his girlfriend and son behind him. During their run, Charlie left some fire path behind him in each step. 


At the castle, Sir Markiplier and Sir Yamimash were playing rock, paper, and scissor. Yamimash was winning while Markiplier were yelling at him for his lose.


"God Dang It! How you kept beating me in this game!?" yelled Markiplier.


Yamimash laughed and replied with a Brititsh accent, "Maybe I am pro at this game."


Yamimash laughed his ass off while Markiliper whined like a cry baby. Then, they saw Lord Cryoatic and his family were running toward the castle. Yamimash gasped and told Markiplier to tell Queen Minx that they're here so Mark ran as he called Minx's name. He ran in the Minx's room where Lady Krism, Lady Mary, and Queen Minx were chilling on the purple couch.


"Queen Minx!" Mark yelled.


"Yes..?" Minx asked with her eyebrow raised.


"Lord Cryoatic and his family are here!" Mark informed.


Minx looked at Krism and Mary and mentioned them to followed her, so they did. When Cry and his family made it, Minx was outside of the castle by the door. 


"What happen?" Minx asked.


Cry came to her and showed his daughter's unconscious body. "She is unconscious. I needed the spell to help her."


Minx stared at Charlie which made him stepped back behind Lady Vera. She knew that he hurt his twin sister. Minx stared back to Cry and said, "Lady Mary will help you. Come in."


The family walked inside the castle. Mary leaded Cry to the Library while Vera and Charlie was sitting in the main room and Maria was laying on the couch. Charlie felt bad and wanted to say sorry to Maria if he wakes up. Then, his father came back and went though the book for the spell. Finally, he didn't find it in there.


"I can't find it. It is nothing, but erasing people's memories." Cry complimented.  


"Maybe it is only way to help her..." Mary replied shyly.


Everyone looked at her with a shocked look expected for Cry who still wearing a pokeface mask.


"What?! But she will never memory me having powers again!" Charlie protested.


"I know, Charlie. But it is the best for her to live," Mary said.


"But that's absurd!" Krism shouted, "Why you need his twin sister to forget his powers. She have powers like him!"


"I am sorry, but you see it will help her not get hurt by him."


"But I will teach him more to control it," Cry replied.


"No, Cry. He needed to control it himself." Mary said. Mary waved her hands as the blue light appeared out of nowhere. Her eyes were light blue.


"You see, Charlie needed to control his magic until he is older. If he do not, his fears will be stronger him."


The adult Charlie was surround by shadows and then eat him. Charlie gasped and held on to his mother.


"Don't worry, we will make sure he will control it and...Maria will get out of his way," Lady Vera said.


Mary nodded and looked at Queen Minx and Lady Krism for their permission of her deal. They agreed with it. Mary told Cry to do the spell. Cry's hands were red and then touched his daughter's forehead as her memories of Charlies having powers were erase 




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