The Stories by me

Stories that are randomly chose by me...


1. The Twins of Cry-Part 1

Lady Vera had two children with my boyfriend who was named Lord Cryaotic at their own apartment. They are actually twins, a boy and a girl.  Their names are Sir Charlie and Ma'am Maria 'Cryaotic' Terry. Charlie has brown hair and blue eyes, and Maria has black hair-Vera's hair color- and blue eyes.  She held her children in her arms, smiling down at them. They were sleeping peacefully and snuggled in her soft bosoms. She put them in their beds in their room and stared at them. They were beautiful and looked like their father. Then, she saw Cry came in with a smile on his face. He kissed me on her lips and looked at their children.


"They looked so beautiful, Vera," said Cry before kissing Vera again.


"I know...I am so happy to become a parent," Vera said with smile.


"Me too. Now, let's come to bed."


Vera and Cry went out of their bedroom and goes to theirs. Suddenly, something blue lights on their beds. There was a woman who named Princess Mary  who has a light blue dress who appeared in the dark. Her light blue hair was glowing everywhere in the room. Her blue eyes were staring everywhere at the babies' room and then stared at them. She gasped in surprise.


"Oh, look at the children of Cry and Vera. They are so beautiful and innocent. That's really nice to see that ," said Mary, "Well, let me see your future."


 Mary placed her hands on the babies's heads and her powers appeared in her hands. Her eyes went very light blue and the future of the babies zoomed in her mind. The future was placed at the castle of Victubia. There was Maria, who is now twenty-three years old, was running in  the halls. She was wearing a red vest with the The Last Night Crew logo and black pants. Her look on her face was like she was about to fight someone. Her powers appeared on her hands and it was blue. Then, she finally stopped running when she went outside of the castle.


"Charlie!!" Maria shouted.


Then, there was Charlie who was wearing like Maria. He was flowing on the red fire stand. He has black, thin glasses and shaggy brown hair. He has her father's pokeface mask on his side. Also, he has blood on his clothes. Maria looked pissed at him, but has tears in her eyes.

"Charlie....why will you be against of your own people? I thought you will never hurt Queen Minx and Victubia," cried Maria.


Charlie shed a tear and then sighed deeply. "I'm sorry, Maria. I didn't meant to, but I have to...for my leader."


Charlie thrusted  his figures out at Maria which released fire. Then, she released water at the fire. The powers combined with each other and then exploded. It made the twins fell back to the floor. (Charlie was still in the fire stand) Maria struggled to open her eyes as Charlie got up and stared at her. With few blinks, she didn't saw him in front of her anymore. Suddenly, she heard her family's voice.




Maria stared at her left and saw everyone ran toward her. She looked at Minx who is in front of her and has a purple dress. She glared at her brown eyes and then went to sleep as she heard Minx's voice echoed.




Back in the babies's bedroom, Mary gasped in fear. She stared at Charlie who was sleeping very nice and sweet. She knew that he will turned evil, but who will be his leader. Well, she never knew because she only see the future. Maybe she will need to tell Cry and Vera about this. 



The part 2 will be coming on after some other stories.




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