What's love really mean.

She doesn't know love he does and he'll give it to her no matter what. She's Tess quiet abused girl. He's Louis outgoing and loved boy.


1. The love I'll never have

Tessa's POV

"Mom you hate me just admit!" Says 15 year old Tessa, who's eyes are puffy and nose runny from crying so much. " Okay I hate you your a worthless piece of garbage!" Says Tessa's mom who is smirking with victory. Tessa runs up into her room and sits on her bed knees to her chest breathing heavily. She tries to stop crying but can't stop sobbing. She thought she was loved up until freshman year when dad left because of her. Her mom has hated her ever since. She wants to have friends go to parties have FUN, but that's a dream that will never come true. As she stops crying she sees the new boy riding his skateboard down the street. Why bother looking at him when he is just going to come home with a prettier smarter girl than me. Right?

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