Why me?...


1. Prologue

“Sorry,” the Doctor said immediately, almost inaudibly. He straightened up and patted himself down.

Clara blinked, eyes staring at his pretty spectacular eyebrows. “Sorry?” She grabbed onto the railing as the ground beneath her gave a violent jerk.

There was a pause, which didn't stop the inevitable plummet of the TARDIS as it shot through time and space at an alarming rate. It did provide a surprising calm if anything else, which would've been relaxing if it weren't for the fact that the Doctor was jumping up and down on the spot. He was frowning as if he was thinking hard about something. Clara just hoped this wasn't the end for her. Where was her Doctor when she needed him? He'd know what to do. This strange man infront of her definitely didn't resemble her mad man in the slightest.

“Yes,” the Doctor said finally. “You will be sorry, if anything happens to my...my...I'm a new Doctor but it's still my TARDIS right? Hmm...too many levers and buttons. Must change that. As well as my clothes. I don't like these. Too...too...hipster? What would you say Clara?”

“I-I don't...”

But he'd already ducked underneath the control platform. Another twist and turn of the TARDIS sent him tumbling out with a fez tucked under his arm. He held it up to the light and shook his head.

Can't believe I liked these. These are not cool! But bowties are still cool. They will forever be cool, but what to wear? It cannot look good with a fez. That is forbidden. Right Clara? How about a cardigan? They're cool...cool...on second thoughts, I don't like that word. Sophisticated. So-phis-ti-cated. I like that word very much. Dear Clara, you're staring. What's wrong?”

Clara had two options at this point in time. 1) assume that this was the Doctor, but he'd just taken on a new form and so she needed to act before they both crashed and died. 2) assume this was crazy person who was obviously not stable and her Doctor had run off like he usually did so she needed to act before they both crashed and died. Neither was sounding very appealing at the present time. She had to approach this situation calmly. With a clear mind. No rash actions. This person could be dangerous. “Who are you and what have you done with the Doctor!” Clara demanded sharply. There. She'd said it. Except, this man had disappeared again. He was beginning to get on her nerves.

“Has all this knocking about made you lose your mind?” the Doctor chuckled. “I am the one and only Doctor!” He did a twirl and his newly fitted jacket swished around his body.

“That somehow doesn't reassure me.” A particularly brutal jerk of the TARDIS was enough for Clara to lose her footing. “Save us and I'll believe you!” She clung to the main console like no tomorrow as the TARDIS decided to do a loop.

“That simple? Should be simple shouldn't it. I should know what to do...but I don't. That's the problem. I mean, I probably do, but it's not right at the top of my head at the moment. Do I have a manual? Maybe I could use that. But where did I put it?” And with that the Doctor ducked, for the umpteenth time out of sight.

This was what Clara feared. She was going to die. Her Doctor had disappeared and left her with this madman to die! If this was all a dream then she thanked the lord.  


If it wasn't then she was going to very well kill the Doctor as soon as she found him.

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