Do you remember me?

His name is Liam, her name is Juliet. He was her arch enemy. However when he is kidnapped she tries to help him, only to be kidnapped herself. While they are confined in a room alone. Will love, trust, and passion blossom? Or will they hate each other more, and wind up killing each other?

[One Direction not famous!]
Has obscure scenes


4. Chapter 4


Sorry about the wait this chapter got deleted five times before I could finally get it up, so here it is.

Juliet's POV

After Liam is knocked unconscious I start to get scared. Sure I can beat up three teenage boys, but eleven, trained, buff, men. Yeah no!

I feel one of them grab my inner thigh and boobs. Oh yeah did I forget to mention I'm naked. Like butt naked, yeah thanks a lot mother!

I kick and wiggle in his grasp but cannot get free. I scream in fear only to have a cloth put over my mouth. I shake my head trying to get my surroundings to stop spinning, my eyes lids for heavy.

I hear an American accent from my captor saying "There ya go, fast asleep." He started to stroke my thigh, and I wanted to slap his hand away but the dots in my eyesight wouldn't let me see my hand. I faded out as the man stroked my thigh.

Liam's POV

When I awoke I was in a bus like vehicle, I tried to move my hands expecting them to be tied, they move freely. I smile and try getting up from the seat. I look at my feet they have chains on them but big enough for me to walk around.

I look around me to see a sleeping, tied, naked Juliet. I walk over to her and examine her rope. The rope on her hands makes it so they are behind her back leaving her plump boobs exposed. I kneel down and study the rope on her legs, that had her legs open. Exposing her pussy,

I tried not to look cause this was so not the time to do anything naughty with her. I lost control as and looked, I turned my head and looked at her sexy body. I bit my lip and tried to fight the wave of lust that came over me. I tried and failed, I looked at the rope and decided to leave it on I mean it's less work for me right.

Juliet's POV

I feel something tickle on my vagina and open my eyes. I looked down and see Liam is licking me out. I try to move my hands and feel a rope stop me from pushing him off me. He looks at me and I see lust in his eyes, crap! He bites me slightly and I moan, giving him the response he wanted.

I try to close my legs but only feel more rope around them. I close my eyes and focus on not giving him what he wants. I bite my lips as he goes in and out, my body starts to shake with fighting off the orgasm.

I look him in the eye and take a breath "Dammit Liam we are kidnapped you should no-" he goes faster and my breathing hitches. "Niall please, not here, not now!" I groan and he goes faster.

I am losing the fight with lust, I squirm trying to get his tongue out of me before I say something embarrassing. He puts his hands on my waist to stop me from moving. "Fuck! Fuck!" I scream as he goes faster.

I lose the fight and give in to the lust, I move my hips to make it feel better. I moan as he releases my waist letting me move. I feel him smirk inside me. He stops just as I'm about to cum and I groan.

He is teasing me, I look at his smirk and just want to slap it off his face. I glare at him coming back to my senses, while he is still clouded by lust. "Ha ha! You've had your fun, now untie me asshole."

He steps forward again and I think he listened but no, the dick is now sitting on my lap sucking on my nipple. I moan softly as he bites it.

He reaches his hands around me and starts to untie my hands. When he is on the second knot the bus stops and we hear a door open.

I heard some Americans saying "Come on let's get them now!" I whisper to Liam "Hurry up!" He gets finished with my hands and we start on my legs when the door opens. In steps five very big men with five very big guns.

"Fuck!" Me and Liam whisper at the same time. Then one of the shoots us with a dart and everything goes black once again.

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