Do you remember me?

His name is Liam, her name is Juliet. He was her arch enemy. However when he is kidnapped she tries to help him, only to be kidnapped herself. While they are confined in a room alone. Will love, trust, and passion blossom? Or will they hate each other more, and wind up killing each other?

[One Direction not famous!]
Has obscure scenes


2. Chapter 2

When I wake up on my king sized bed my blonde hair is curly and damp. I look at my alarm clock and saw that it was only six fifteen. I sighed in relief since they won't be here until six thirty. I got up and went to my closet. I opened the door and got the dress my bitch of a mother wants me to wear at these dinners. It's a slut dress basically since my mother picked it out it's really short and shows lots of boobs. I put it on the look of disgust evident on my face.

I went to my panties drawer and put on a purple lace thong, the only underwear my mother lets me buy. I still remember the awkward talk when I was twelve and had started my period and gotten boobs. She had took all of my children's underwear and said and I quote "Now Juliet, you must flaunt what you have." I whimpered back to my mother "But I don't want to wear thongs." She laughed and said coldly "You either wear these thongs and bras or you go commando." I look at myself in the mirror and almost puked.

The black dress almost showed my ass, and the front of the dress showed almost all of my boobs. I went to my heels section, I made a deal with the devil when I said I would wear this getup if I get to wear what I want to at school. I stared longingly at my sneakers while I put on the seven inch heels.

I walk aver to my bathroom door and open it. When I'm inside I open the bottom drawer, where the makeup my mother bought is. I like to call this drawer the whore drawer.

I grab black eyeliner and an eyeshadow pallet with mascara and brushes in it. I did a smoky eyed look before putting it up again. This time I grabbed a dark red lipstick with gloss on the other end. I put it on. And looked at the person in the mirror.

This isn't me, I'm not some whore who wears slutty dresses and high heels and has to be nice to my enemy after he dry humped me. Yet it is because this is how you were born.

Hell your mother got all the hair l had off your body when you were twelve. Yes, even my vagina! My mother has only ever let me wear bikinis even when I was six. Now if I want to swim in to pool in the backyard, I have to be naked!

Where Liam and his friends can see me, but I mean he has already seen me naked before. Yeah for my fourteenth birthday party my mother made me skinny dip, in front of Liam and his friends. I covered my stuff until my mother slapped me, and said that if I didn't do what she asked she wouldn't let me read my books and she wouldn't let me wear any underwear at all.

I had gotten in with the boys and I felt like a slut the whole time. I'm just grateful she hasn't thought of like making me do a porno or something.

I pick up the clothes that are on the floor and put them in the laundry basket. Then I walk outside the bathroom only to see Liam already there. He smirks at me, before crossing the distance between us. I step back and try to go around him but he grabs my waist. "What the hell, Liam! Let me go!" He smiles wider and pulls my body against him. He grabs my ass and I push him off of me.

I run out of the room and down the stairs, calling for my mother. The first time I see her in a month and I am calling for her. I finally spot her speaking to Liam's mother who is pretty much like mine. I stop running and sigh in relief. I walk up to them and say hello to my mother and Ms.Payne. They were wearing shorter dresses than me. I kiss their cheeks as Liam walks up and does the same.

Our mothers are best friends so we were brought up like siblings but in stead of getting a great, older, best friend. I got a perverted, older, enemy. Seriously we were bathed together! I managed a fake smile before sitting down at the table. Ms.Payne smiled and sat down too. Then everyone did. Liam started out the table talk, but I zoned out as soon as my mother said that we should do this more often.

I stared at my plate picking at the cold food, when someone's hand was put on my shoulder I looked up to see my mother smiling her surgically perfect smile. Her cat nails dig into my shoulders and I smile back at the bitch "Yes, mother?" She looks down at me and says something that made me hate her even more.

"Dear, Ms.Payne and I are going to be going to Las Vegas for a month, however we wouldn't wish you to be alone so we have decided to let Liam stay over here. Now we have to go pack but you two feel free to swim." She emphasizes the word swim so I knew what she meant but I was just so stubborn. "Cool, I think I have a cute bikini." I got up and left before she could object.

I went to my bathroom and washed the makeup off before taking off the heels and dress. When I slid down my panties I saw my mother come in. She looked angry, her lips were tight together. "You know the rule, Juliet! You don't get to wear a suit because you are a teenager!" She starts to walk off but turns around at the door to rant on about something else.

"Next time you defy me, I will make you and Liam do something real teenagers do!" With that she slammed the door.

I stood there naked with my mouth hanging open. So if I didn't stay naked she would make me have sex?! I took a deep breath and walked to my bed. I sat down and just sat there staring at the floor.

I guess I must have stayed there for too long because in came a smiling Liam. He looked at my boobs and stepped towards me. I looked at him annoyed "What do you want Liam?" He walked over to the bed where I was sitting and stood in front of me. I looked up into his brown eyes while his

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