Do you remember me?

His name is Liam, her name is Juliet. He was her arch enemy. However when he is kidnapped she tries to help him, only to be kidnapped herself. While they are confined in a room alone. Will love, trust, and passion blossom? Or will they hate each other more, and wind up killing each other?

[One Direction not famous!]
Has obscure scenes


1. chapter 1

I make my way to Ms.Finch's classroom and I walk Liam comes up behind me and pushes my books down. Liam is my arch enemy since, well forever really. When we were in kindergarten he would pull my hair. In fifth grade he would draw on my clothes. In seventh grade he got the school to hate me. In ninth grade he spitballed me everyday. I thought it would have stopped cause he was a senior now where as I am only a sophomore but no, the asshole is doing it more.

With his friends help of course, he has four other friends, so I am the focus of all their pranks. Yeah isn't my life just fucking dandy? I do not have time for this assbutt today. "Shove off, Liam." I bend down to the ground to get my books, only to earn a slap on the ass from Harry. I turn around to face him as he chuckles fist bumping Zayn. I hold my books closer to my chest and make my way down the hall, Niall steps in front of me and smirks "Hello, how ya doin today Juliet?" He looks behind me and I know it's another prank from 1D.

Why do I call them One Direction you ask? Because when I finally lose it one day and kill them all they are gonna go in one direction, hell.

I turn around only to see Louis pour ice water all over me. My converse, skinny jeans, white t-shirt, camouflage jacket, black bra and panties, and hair are all soaked.

I don't wear makeup ever so I don't have to worry about those things. I look at my books that are also soaked. I bend down and start to worry about the books, cause they are the schools. And I haven't finished reading the chapter where Jack saves the whole town but gets injured and might die.

I look at the ruined books and get really pissed. Really really pissed. I clench my fist and punch Louis in the jaw, before screaming at the top of my lungs. "You assholes! Those were the school's books! I'm gonna kill you, dickheads!" I run to Liam and kick him where the Sun don't shine.

He slumped down to the ground and I kicked him in the stomach. I went to Harry and was going to tackle him when the doors to classrooms opened. I tackled him anyway, punching him. Only to be pulled off by Niall and Zayn. I kicked them and fought out of their grasps only to be tackled by Liam, he put his body weight in me. I punched him until Niall grabbed my hands and Zayn grabbed my feet.

I stopped fighting and growled at them. They looked scared now. Liam leaned in feeling confident and stuck his tongue out at me like he was five. Bad choice. I leant forward and bit his tongue I tasted the blood and let him go, smirking. He grabbed his tongue and I laughed harder, that is until he started rubbing my vagina with his dick. I moaned softly earning a chuckle from him. I grew more pissed and said "Stop it asshole! Get off me!" He only chuckled and rubbed harder. I moaned and looked around for help.

Only getting a few glances because of Niall's pants. I groan in frustration and pleasure, before screaming "Some one get these asses off of me!" I heard a few other chuckles and instantly regretted not going to that all girls school when I had the chance. Ya see 1D are popular here and well, I'm not so if it came down to it I would be the one in trouble not them. Everyone in this school, no this town would side with them. I see pairs of heels and know the teachers are there but aren't doing anything because Liam's mother donated a lot to this school.

Liam laughed as I continued my desperate search for a friend knowing damn well I wouldn't find one. I sighed in defeat and faced Liam as his dick got harder and he smirked. I tried my hardest to act as if it didn't feel good, but let's just say, I'm not a very good actress, at all.

I gasped in pleasure as he started to rub faster. I stared at him and moaned "Stop it, Li-" before he went even faster and his dick got harder on my already wet vagina. I gasped and continued "Liam, stop it now!" I tried sounding like I wasn't enjoying this one bit, and failed miserably. My voice more breathed out the words than actually speaking them.

He laughed harder and put his hand on my lips keeping them shut so I couldn't bite him again and leant down. He kept thrusting his hips to keep me turned on. He licked my ear and whispered "I would, but you don't want me to, do you?" I nodded my head furiously. He chuckled and whispered "Alright if you don't moan for one minute, I'll let you go. If not we will have fun like this for five more minutes." With that he nodded to Harry who was hovering nearby. A second after that Harry's smirking face came and he closed my jaw so I couldn't bite Liam, only moan.

Well I'm fucked, if I moan it might be literally. I close my lips and stare at Liam. He started thrusting harder and I was about to moan when I caught myself. I took a deep breath as he snaked his way up, stopping at my chest. He started sucking on the nape of my neck. I gasped and he ran his hands along my body. I held in a moan as he started rubbing my pelvis. I closed my eyes as he sucked on my earlobe. Every second was excruciatingly pleasurable. I opened my eyes and sucked in a breath before shakily saying "M-minute i-is o-over Liam, g-get off m-me." He sighed and smiled he got up. The boys stopped holding me down and I shot up like an arrow.

I stared at everyone, I gave them all glares. Putting more evil in my former favorite teacher Ms.Finch's glare. I was shaking because of the cold water in me and I growled "I hate all of you! Liam stay away from me, forever!" I bent down to get my stuff when he come over and started to grind on my ass. I shot up and got away from them, I made my way to the door as he called out "See you at six for dinner, bye Juliet!" I could practically see his smirk even though I was already at the door.

I have to suffer with him because he's rich like my family, and my mom is a bitch. I run all the way to my house, or mansion, or palace whatever you call it. I run in and see its empty, like always. I take a shaky breath and fall into the floor.

I hug myself, and think about what just happened. Okay so basically you just got dry-humped by Liam, your arch enemy, and liked it! You are such an idiot! Now you have to sit through dinner with him!

I make my way up the stairs and into my enormous room. I head straight to the bathroom to shower. I just felt so dirty, not because of what Liam did. But because I had wanted him to do much much more.

I stopped out of my cold clothes and got into the hot shower. I showered and got out. I didn't even bother with a towel, I just walked out of my bathroom and got into bed. It was only 12:17 so I don't have to see him in like six hours. Once I was comfortable I got a thin blanket that was cozy but more or less see through. I fell asleep almost immediately only to have a wet dream about Liam.

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