"Willow I just think it's wrong to make fun of people when you like them" I spoke

She scoffed "it is when you like two of them Bells. Plus their rejects."

"So were we."

"It's the reputation that you worked hard for or them."

I sighed. It's not like I can pick so what's the worst that can happen?

Bella (bells) James is mrs.Popular.
Boys love her
Plays football (soccer)
Girls football (soccer) captain

She is 18. 5sos is too. But she likes two of the biggest losers in school. Only willow knows. When she decides to secretly hang out she gets too close for comfort with one of them. But the other one is left out. Also they are in a band and she thinks that's hot.

What's the worst that can happen. Will she act out on love?

Find out in rejects.......


2. chapter 2

*if there is dirty stuff deal with it. There will be a lot. At least every two or three chapters. Depending.*

~the next morning~

Luke's P.O.V

When Calum and and Michael said that she liked us my heart skipped a beat. Me and ash have always liked her. Of course we wouldn't let that get in the way of out friendship.

"Hey guys let's skip school today. We can go get piercings and tattoos." I suggested.

They all looked at me like I had killed seven people. "Come on it will be fun." I pleaded.

Calum and Michael nodded. I looked at Ashton. "Absolutely not. How about I make some banana bread? When you guys come back we can eat it?" He said.

We all laughed at him. "I'm serious. Have fun." He said.

We just left Michael's house to go. His parents are never home so he just can stay and it won't be weird.

When we got there I decided to get a lip piercing. Michael is getting a eyebrow piercing and tattoo. Calum was just getting a tattoo.


When we were done i was satisfied. I looked pretty hot. We all left in my car and went back.

I checked the time. We still have an hour until school was out. We all headed inside and I immediately smelled banana bread.

"Smells good ash." I called.

I heard giggling. We all went into the kitchen and Ashton and Bella we there. What the fuck.

"Hey bells." I said.

She smiled "hey Lukey."

She stood up and I hugged her she hugged back.

I felt sparks fly threw me from her touch. When we pulled away Michael said "so what are you doing here?"

She smiled "oh right. I might have skipped today and I saw everyone leave except ash so I came over and we just talked."

He nodded "okay."

"So since your already here there's no point of us leaving to go to your house." Calum said.

She nodded "good point. Well nice tats Mikey and Calum."

They thanked her and everyone decided to just go to Michael's room and watch movies.

Everyone left and she stopped me. "You think I forgot about you? That lip ring is so hot."

I blushed. Crap. "Thanks."

"Oh the things I can do to you with that. Just don't bite your lip with it in between your teeth or I might just fuck you in front of everyone." She whispered.

I laughed "let's go up before they think we are fucking or something."

She laughed with me and we headed upstairs.

Ashton's P.O.V

Luke and bells haven't come upstairs yet. Calum and Michael kept saying "they are probably making out."

That made me angry "stop guys. They aren't."

"Calm down mate we were kidding." Calum said.

They walked threw the door laughing.

"Get in a quicky?" Michael joked?

Bella laughed "maybe, maybe not."

My eyes went wide. I was sitting on a chair in Michael's room.

She sat down on my lap. "I'm kidding."

She looked into my eyes. I blushed and looked away.

"Awe ash your blushing." She joked grabbing my cheeks.

When she stopped kissed her cheek. I pulled her back to my chest.

Bella's P.O.V

When he kissed my cheek it send chills threw my body. We're cuddled up now. I can see from the corner of my eyes Luke looking at me.

I sent a small smile towards him. He smiled back.

Then I remembered. When we were all best of friends, he would always bite his lip.


"Lukey! Ash! Come on! Let's study!" I whined.

They nodded and Luke laid on my bed while me and ash laid down on the floor.

"610b * 367m = ?" I said.

I looked at Luke he was in full concentration. He was biting his lip. In that moment I swear my heart stopped.

*end of flashback*

So I have to avoid making him think. That should be easy. Because it's not like he's not in any of my classes and is always overthinking things.

Ugh. Life is so hard. Ash realized me in deep though and whispered "is everything ok babe?" The way he said babe oh. I bit my lip and nodded resting my head back his chest.

He was cuddled up with me. I felt myself feeling sleepy so I tried to blink back the tiredness. It didn't work because within 4 minutes I was sleeping.


I bit my lip while lying on the bed. I was already naked. Ashton and Luke were above me both naked. We were about to have a threesome. They both put on condoms and Luke lifted me and entered from behind. Ashton entered the front.

I started to moan. They both were moaning too. I moved my hips making Luke moan loudly "oh fuck bells."

I smirked and moaned. Ashton was moaning too. "Guys I'm about to cum. They both said "not yet." Then they started to kiss. That was so hot. I cummed as soon as they did that. I soon felt cum from both of them in their condoms. They both pulled out.

They laid on either side of me. We all breathed out loudly and heavily.

Then I felt myself being shaken.

Ashton's P.O.V

We all sat there in silence. Bella had fallen asleep and were cuddled up. We all just stared at each other like the weird people we were. Then it started.

Bella moved against my hips in her sleep causing me to moan. Everyone stared at me. "Sorry she moved in her sleep."

She started to moan. "Luke." She was having a wet dream about Luke. She moaned again "ash fuck." She moved her hips again and I also moaned again.

"Is she having a wet dream?" Calum asked.

"Yea. About Lukey and ash." Michael joked.

My cheeks started to blush. Luke was just sitting there in shock. "What do we do?" I asked.

"Wake her up." Luke said.

I was about to shake her again but she moved again. I moaned louder that the other times. "God damn you ash pull yourself together." Luke said.

I shook her and she woke up. When she saw everyone looking at her with shock she turned 30 different shades of red. "Fuck." She muttered.

"What was that dream?" I asked still shaken from it. We were still cuddled and she tried to move. She shifted against my manhood. I bit my lip trying not to moan. I pulled her closer and whispered "move like that again and I'm gonna have to fuck you in front of everyone. We would like that but they wouldn't."

She shivered obviously liking my hot breathe on her skin. I let her go and she was careful not to do it again and she stood up.

"Please tell us what that dream was." Luke pleaded.

She sighed. "I'm sorry mike, Calum. I love you guys but I don't want you know. It makes me uncomfortable. So will you please leave? Make food?"

They smiled, nodded and left. She sighed and started.


Luke's P.O.V

"Wait so, we were having a threesome?" I asked amused.

She groaned "ugh yea."

Ashton chucked "who made you cum?"

Her face froze. "Awe come on." I smirked.

She huffed "fine. You guys kissed. But I was already close."

Me and ash exchanged disturbed glances.

"Would you even ever have sex with us? Either?" I said.

She laughed "get me drunk and I will answer."

I smiled and yelled for Michael "mike grab some beers. Were gonna play a game."

Everyone's faces turned to smirks. Michael told her she could invite willow and when she got here we started.


Bella's P.O.V

"So we can play seven minutes in heaven, spin the bottle, or truth or dare." I stated.

"Truth or dare." Everyone agreed. I nodded and placed my empty beer bottle down.

I spun it around and it landed on willow. She spun it and it landed on Calum.

"Truth or dare?" She asked Calum.

"T-truth." Calum answered.

She bit her lip "do I turn you on?"

He slowly shook his head. She chuckled and said "it's truth not lie."

He let out a breathe and said "y-yes."

She smiled. She was totally gonna fall in love.

Calum spun it and it landed on Luke. "Truth or dare?"

Luke smirked "dare."

"I dare you to give Bella a love bite."

His smirk turned to a shocked face. He turned his head to me and his face said 'can i?'

I nodded and he slowly walked to me. He pulled me up off the floor and we both stood up.

He slowly pulled me close. He started to leave wet kisses around until he found my sweet spot.

He started to suck, lick, and nibble. I moaned and he did it. When he was done he blew on it making me hiss.

We both sat in our spots. Ashton's head was down. Michael laughed "don't worry ash, you will get to have some fun."

I rolled my eyes as Luke spun. It landed on Michael. He smiled. "Dare." He said before Luke asked.

Luke smirked "I dare you to tell us if you ever have masterbated to someone in this room."

Michael's face turned red. He mumbled something.

"What?" Ash asked.

"Yes." He said louder.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Who?"

He said "secret."

He was next to me so I got close to him. "I tugged on his earlobe with my mouth earning a moan from him.

"Who?" I whispered in his ear.


I smirked and got back to my original position.

So 3/4 of them wanted me. Mike spun and it landed on me.

"Truth or dare?" He asked.

"Dare." I smirked.

"I dare you to go in guest bedroom and stay in there for 10 minutes with Ashton. We will go downstairs and make food."

I laughed. I pulled my long blonde thin hair into a bun. "This should be fun."


We got into the bedroom. I sat on the bed. Ashton sat next to me.

"What do we do?" He asked.

I smirked and I sucked I his neck. His moans make me wet.

"Michael, condoms!" He screamed.

Willow laughed loud and they all followed except Luke. I could hear though the wall.

"Bottom drawer!" Michael screamed.

I pulled one out and we got undressed.

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