"Willow I just think it's wrong to make fun of people when you like them" I spoke

She scoffed "it is when you like two of them Bells. Plus their rejects."

"So were we."

"It's the reputation that you worked hard for or them."

I sighed. It's not like I can pick so what's the worst that can happen?

Bella (bells) James is mrs.Popular.
Boys love her
Plays football (soccer)
Girls football (soccer) captain

She is 18. 5sos is too. But she likes two of the biggest losers in school. Only willow knows. When she decides to secretly hang out she gets too close for comfort with one of them. But the other one is left out. Also they are in a band and she thinks that's hot.

What's the worst that can happen. Will she act out on love?

Find out in rejects.......


1. chapter 1

Bella's P.O.V

I open the doors of the school and immediately receive jealous stares from the girls and 'I want you' looks from guys. I smirked and walked to my locker.

When I moved to this school I was friends with what people call the "rejects." Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood. Also willow.

I joined girls football (soccer) and I was really good. I began to become popular and now I'm at the the top of the food chain.

I opened my locker and grabbed my books. I shut it and I started to walk to homeroom. As I stepped in the room there were whistles from the boys in the back of the room.

The annoying girls that wanna be me started pestering me. I sat down and they still wouldn't stop.

"Hey guys maybe another day we can go shopping or something but right now I'm not in the mood to really have a conversation." I fake smiled.

They nodded and left me alone. "Finally." I mumbled.

"Don't like the popularity as much as you make people think huh?" I heard an all to familiar voice whispered.

I felt heat run threw my body and his hot breathe made me wanna kiss him. Ashton Irwin.

I turned to him and he was sitting next to me. "I'm sorry about my life. I'm sorry that I have to bully you and everyone that I still care about."

"Then why do you do it?" His voice was weak.

"Because I-" I was cut off by the jerks that I have to socialize with "is this loser bothering you?"

"No." The bell rang "homeroom is over anyway."

I got up and pushed past the group of boys. I was stopped by a hand grabbing me and pulling me to him by the door.

"Get off me." I demanded when I realized it wasn't someone I wanted it to be *ashton cough cough*

He whispered in my ear "how about we get out of here."

I scoffed "yea right."

I wiggled out of his grasp and left the room quickly. On the way to first period I wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone.

I dropped all of my books along with theirs. Great. I got onto my knees and started picking up my stuff. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to-" I looked to who was picking up their stuff.

"To where I was going." I finished.

He nodded. "Luke I'm sorry."

He looked at me. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was trying not to get angry.

In that moment I felt broken. I hadn't looked into Ashton's eyes. I was avoiding it. I missed my best friends.

Popularity would only allow me to bring one person with me and it was willow.

I finished grabbing my stuff and he did too and we both stood up. We awkwardly looked around. "We're gonna be late to class." I said.

"Yea it was a pleasure to see you again." He said sarcastically.

"Look Luke I have to do what I do. You know why."

"No I don't. Explain to me."

"I used to be bullied. You know that. I'm finally popular. You think I like being a bully? I hate it. I know what it feels like. I moved to a whole fucking part of Australia because of it."

The bell rang and I sped off.


I groaned as I laid on my bed. "So your saying that you talked to them both?" Willow asked.

"I told you this. I miss them will. I really do."

"I know."

I opened my window and immediately heard the music. Did I mention that Michael lives across the street from me. They play in his garage.

It's so fucking hot! Them being in a band and everything.

Luke playing the guitar is so hot on many different levels.

Ashton sitting on those drums. He doesn't even know the heart attack he gives me.

Right now they were playing a song called voodoo doll. Yes I listen to them a lot. They are good.

They never notice me though. I was staring our of the window. "You look like Channing Tatum just walked down the street." Willow joked.

I sighed "they are so good at that."

She just responded with a "mmhmm."

I didn't answer so she said "let's go shopping!"

"Ugh." I groaned.

"Come on you will get to pass them."

My mood lightened a little "fine."

When we got downstairs I saw my brother that's in his first year of college, Matt. I'm a senior.

"Matt were leaving." I told him before we walked outside.

The music had stopped about 3 minutes ago. We walked to my car. My house is really big, along with the rest of the houses on the street.

I unlocked my car and looked over at Michaels house. They were all staring at me. I sighed and tossed my keys to willow. "I'll be back."

Ashton's P.O.V

I saw her walking over here. "What do we do?" Calum whispered.

Everyone just shrugged.

When she stepped over to us she caught everyone off guard by embracing Calum and Michael in a hug. They both hugged back.

She pulled away and looked at me and Luke. She sighed and pointed to us.

"You two can you please come with me?"

"Why should we?" Luke scoffed.

"Because if you don't then as much as I don't want to, with a snap of my fingers I can make everyone do what I want. Including hurting you. And I don't want that to happen."

I sighed running a hand threw my hair. Me and Luke got up and followed her a few houses down.

"Listen guys. There's no way in hell that we can socialize in school but we can hang out outside of school. Of course no one can know."

"Why would you wanna hang out with the 'rejects?' I mean there's no point." I said.

She laughed. Actually laughed. What the fuck. "You guys were the first people who made me feel at home when I got to school. I turned out to be a shitty friend. I'm sorry."

"Maybe. One time we will hang out. If it goes well then we can secretly be friends." I said.

"Thank you ashton. What about you Luke?"

Luke being stubborn started walking away.

I grabbed his arm "come on. Give her a chance."

He sighed "fine."

Then he turned to her "if you fuck this up I will never talk to you again."

She nodded and smiled. Then she said "oh I have to go shopping with willow. Uhh football is canceled tomorrow. Something about the coach being sick. Come over after."

Me and Luke nodded and she walked to her car and drove off.

We walked back and we were bombarded with questions.

"Which one of you does she like?" Calum asked.

"What?" I asked shocked.

"Well obviously she likes one of you. You could see it in her eyes." Michael said.

Me and Luke laughed and explained everything that happened.

"So she likes both of you then?" Michael asked.

"She has to. She could have made that agreement in front of us. She likes both of you." Calum said.

I sighed and shook my head "let's just get back to practicing."

Everyone nodded and we started playing a song called "18." Even though we wrote it when Luke was 17 and Calum and Mikey were 18.

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