Beside You ~L.H

The new kid named Luke.


5. chapter 5

********after school********

When you got home from school, you and Luke texted for what felt like hours!

***you and Luke's text***

You: Hey! :)

Luke: Who this be?

You: Sky? Is this Luke?

Luke: Oh hey! Yeah it's Luke.

You: Oh good, so wyd?

Luke: Well I've been thinking of someone special....

You: Oh...

Luke: You'll never guess who it was?

You: I bet.

Luke: Well....

You: Well....

Luke: Guess.

You: Huh?

Luke: Guess. Who I was thinking of.

You: idk.?

Luke: Well if you wanted to know it was you....

You: You were thinking of me? You think I'm special?

Luke: Of corse! Your perfect! Your beautiful, your nice, your just.......words can't even describe!

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