Beside You ~L.H

The new kid named Luke.


4. chapter 4

You just looked back down crying. You didn't care if Luke saw you. All you wanted was someone special to hug and for them to make it all better. Luke,"Hey,are you okay?" You," No. Why do you care?" Luke," Cause I would not want anything to happen to you." You," Why would you want that? You don't even know me?" Luke," I don't know it's....WHAT THAT ON YOUR ARM!?!?" You looked down surprised. "Oh that's nothing." Luke," Why would you don't that to yourself?" You,"I get bullied all the time." Luke,"I-I-I'm speechless." You," Well you shouldn't be. No one cares about me but my brother." Luke just say there. You," Well I've got to go. See you later." Luke gets up quickly and says no. You," Why?" Luke,"Cause I need to talk to you." You,"Ok but make it quick." Luke," Look I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna say it. There is something about you that changed me when I first came here. When I'm around you, I feel nervous,like I'm gonna say setting wrong and your never gotta want to talk to me again. I done know if you feel the same way but, I like you, a lot." You," Luke, I never thought you would say this! Now I'm speechless! And I like you too, and I'm glad you told me." Luke,"One more thing?" You," Sure." Luke," Would you want to go out sometime?" You,"I would love that Luke." Luke," Well here it number, call me when you get home." You," Okay! Thanks!" Luke,"No problem."

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