Beside You ~L.H

The new kid named Luke.


1. chapter 1

Hi guys! This is my first story. I hope you like it!

You : Sky Johnson

Bestfriend : Ashton

Bestfriend : Jayci

Enemy : Michael

Brother : Calum

Crush : Luke

(1d boys might come in later.)

Your POV:

I'm in 11th grade and I was bullied all my life. I have scars on my arms, legs, and tummy. I don't really know why I get bullied, but I know I have a brother that cares for me and that's all that matters. My mom and dad hurt my brother Calum and I. We can't talk for dinner or in the mornings. So in my house it's really quite.

The worst bully I have is Michael Clifford. The only friends I have are Ashton and Jayci. Everyone else laughs at me, calls me names,or just watch me get hurt.

Well anyway Calum and I go to school and leave school together.


Me and Calum walk into school together, and there he was, Michael Clifford. I hated him with all my heart! I never did anything to him and he bullies me.

"Well if it isn't the slut of the school?" Says Michael. Calum goes off ," Look you better leave my sister alone. What did she ever do to you? She is nothing but a angel but she's too scared to show it cause of you! So why don't you just fuck off Redhead!" ( Michael has red hair.)

Michael just walked off...

"Thanks Calum. I would be dead without you."

"No problem. Look I gotta get to class. See ya later. Love ya."

"Love ya too."


"Okay class today you'll need..."

*knocking on the door*

"Come it"

It's was Mrs. Johnson with a......... mystery boy. He was cute!

"Hi sorry to interrupt, but here we have a new student that came all the way from England. His name is Luke Hemminngs. (I know Luke is not from England but let's just pretend)

"Oh hi Luke, have a seat anywhere. Oh and I'm Mrs. Johnson."

Luke," Hi everybody I'm Luke." *sits down*

Everyone," Hi Luke!"

Luke just smiles.

Well that's it guys, I'll update maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

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