It started in the 6th year


3. Telling Ron Pt.2


The voice was...Ginny (surprise no one guessed that!!) They were surprised and Hermione had forgotten Ginny telling her about her crush on Harry. She mentally cursed herself. Ginny ran off in tears running to tell Ron. We had to find Ron first because it would be better for him to hear it from us. We made it with Ginny nowhere in site. We had to pry him away from Lavender (yes they were snogging again) and pulled him into a empty classroom. Harry took the lead "Ron we need to tell you something" At this point Ron looked like he had an idea of what we were about to tell him so once we had told him he looked at us and screamed "OI,so you think you take the girl I bloody like, now do you?" And then Harry screamed "Well you sure have a funny way of showing it snogging that trash it front of her" And then I screamed "Okay that ENOUGH you know what Ron I did like you but now I like Harry so have fun with that filthy,sad excuse of a person" And she grabbed Harry and left the room. Leaving a confused and mad Ron in their wake.

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