It started in the 6th year


2. Telling Ron Part 1

Harry's POV

After the kiss ended I realized what just happened and I felt guilty because of Ron but then again he needed to learn not to play with Hermione's emotions and I like her.We started walking to the common room and neither of us noticed until we saw Ginny staring at us.We looked at were she was looking and my arm was around Hermione's waist I hastily retracted it and when I did so she looked crestfallen.And I asked her"Do you want to go to the Three Broomsticks with me"And she said"Yes"Trying to sound nonchalant but failed.I pulled her into a hug with a huge grin on my face because I had always liked Hermione but I knew Ron liked her too.But he has messed with her for the last time she likes me now.When the hug ended I pulled her in for a kiss and heard a familiar voice.We separated startled and looked for the voice and saw.....To be Continued

(Who is the voice comment who you think)

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