It started in the 6th year


7. Hermione's POV

I saw...Ron he had a smirk on his face I almost crucioed him right then but instead I said"Sepctaserum"And he started pouring blood on the she-Voldemort beside him.I levitated Harry to the hospital wing and Pomfrey tended to him turns out he was hit with 3 stupefy's in a row.I broke down holding his arm hoping he would be alright.At 3o'clock the next morning he woke up and said"Mione"he had a raspy vioce I woke up immediately and gave him a hug and kiss on the forehead.He was surprised when I told what happened and even more that I used the spell I told him not to use(Yes this happens after the he uses it on Draco)At 9 when Pomfrey came back he was allowed to leave we decided to use a plan to get Ron off our backs.We were going to have a big fight in the Great Hall and "break up"And then sneak around and see each other at night.But I still wasn't talking to Ronald no matter how much he tried to talk to me.And I would embarrass Lavender by making it look like she peed herself but she couldn't see it.The day if the fight "HARRY JAMES POTTER HOW COULD YOU KISS HER!""I TOLD YOU SHE KISSED ME IT MEANT NOTHING""THEN WHY WERE YOUR HANDS ON HER ARSE!WE ARE THROUGH POTTER"And I run through the crowd of people with fake tears running down my cheeks.

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