It started in the 6th year


4. Hermione's POV

I pulled Harry away and took him to the RoR it instantly changed to a room with a couch, a mirror and a lot of books. But instead of reading I started ranting about Ron. Harry finally got me to calm down. He told me we could go to The Three Broomsticks. So we went and he ordered a mug of butter beer for each of is and a bottle of Fire-whisky despited me asking him not too. Once everything got to is we drank the butter beer and then Harry opened the bottle of fire whisky and coaxed me to drink some. I drank some and it left a trail of warmth down the back of my throat. I wasn't used to it. Harry paid and we left and went to the RoR and finished the fire whisky and we played a game like hide and seek but if you were found you had to do something by the end of the game Hermione was standing on her head and Harry was hopping on one leg without a shirt on. So finally we stopped playing and fell asleep on the couch.

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