It started in the 6th year


6. Hermione POV

Harry and I left Hagrids and went to the lake to have a walk.We held hands and we talked about how Ron is such an git about us being together."He's with that thing and we aren't telling him he can't and what right does he have to act like he controls me!"Harry starts calming me down.I stop walking and pull him into a kiss and when we pulled away I said"I love you."And he said"I love you too."We walked back hand and hand to the Castle.We pasted Ron on the way to the common room he made a rude hand gesture but unfortunately a teacher walked by and caught him and said"Mr.WEASELY you have detention for a month and 25 points from Grryfindor."(sorry if that's spelt wrong)He muttered"Fuck off"I had to stifle a laugh when he was yelled at.I saw Lavender so I made a show I pushed Harry against the wall and snogged him and opened my lips and his tongue entered my mouth.When I pulled away I think it was obvious his tongue had been in my mouth because Ron is shaking with anger and a shade of red.Just to show off a little more I make my butt bounce more with each step and snuggle closer to Harry and his arm is around my shoulders.Then he goes stiff I turn around and see...

A/N Who do you think is there comment.

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