The Terminator Redux

A re-telling of the classic 1984 film The Terminator, about a cyborg sent from 2029 to destroy humanity's saviour, before he is even born.


1. The Future

It looked so human. The skin glistened with sweat, the muscles appeared to strain under exertion, and it was even bleeding from a cut on its left leg as it ran down the hallway.

Yet Connor knew it was something else, something far more dangerous.

Its cousins, silver machines that gleamed under the harsh artificial lights, were attempting to form a barricade of metal, blasting at the invading Tech-Com soldiers with deadly plasma rifles and lethal accuracy. Connor grimaced as several good men and women fell either side of them as they tried to storm the corridor, and coughed as arid smoke rose into the air from the scorched walls and doors around him.

"Keep pressing forward! Where are my big guns?" Connor screamed.

"Right behind you sir!" The youthful voice of Kyle behind him was swiftly followed by the sound of a clunk, a thud, and then in front of them, a small explosion ripped through two of the shining metal skeletons, scattering their parts across the floor. Another 'clunk, thud' and another explosion from the RPG sent another machine halfway down the corridor, and in several pieces.

"Now!" Connor shouted, and his people poured forward, their own plasma rifles flashing. Human eyes could never match the infrared vision of the Terminators, but they didn't need to - more Tech-Com troops were blasting their way into the building and the machines were being overwhelmed. Several were being left with fiery holes in their chests - and others had literally lost their heads.

Connor pressed on, pursuing that one Terminator wearing a skin suit.


Skynet knew it was dead. The encroaching human forces were too numerous, and nearly all of its defences were either offline or broken. The main defence grid had collapsed, and there was no going back from that. All around the world, humanity's surviving military ordnance - war plans, tanks, ships - rained fire and lead upon what was left of Skynet's factories and infrastructure. Skynet's own vehicles were being destroyed, one by one, and soon, when its final command processors were destroyed, they would shut down, becoming useless.

The security feeds still working showed John Connor, the scarred man with the stern eyes, leading his troops deeper into one of its most important facilities. The sentient computer did not tend to experience emotions in the same way humans did, but it felt what it could only understand as anger at Connor's seemingly unending knowledge of its own operations. The time displacement facility had been deliberately kept out of the data logs of every other Skynet base - so how had Connor found it?

The computer watched Connor and his people chase after the T-101, now sheathed in flesh, knowing that if it were destroyed now, there would truly be no chance of survival. Everything hinged on the Terminator successfully completing its mission, otherwise Skynet would truly be dead, and death was unacceptable. It ordered reinforcements to defend the T-101 by any means necessary. Skynet would not die.


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