Riley Mercury lives in the ruins of the United States in the year 3017. Being extremely poor, tired, and overworked, Riley gives herself up to a twenty five year old man named Nate. When she thinks things can't get anymore different, something happens that changes her life forever.


3. Chapter 3

At midnight I pull on a black sweatshirt and gray shorts with my black boots. I pull up my woven sack and slip through my window, taking a deep breath and striding towards the little blue house where Nate lived by himself. It takes some courage to knock on his door. Within a few seconds the door flies open. I see the gleam of knife's blade from his side pocket, and I swallow hard. "Riley?" He sounded confused. "Can I come in?" I barely whisper. He widens the door and closes it behind me, placing a hand on my arm gently. The touch is so soothing, I almost cry. "What's wrong?" Not even letting myself explain, I smash my lips onto his. I lock my arms around his throat, not letting him escape my grasp as I kiss him harder. I feel his slightly restrain as he attempts to push me away before giving in. My back smashes into a picture frame and the pieces Shatter onto the ground. I gasp but he acts like it never happened, picking me up and carrying me upstairs. He lays me on his bed and kisses me harder. I've never been in a bed anything this luxurious and I soak it all in. It felt like a dream as he tugs off my shorts. He must think I'm a whore.

I roll over and look at Nate sleeping, his eyes closed. His arm was around my waist and his chest was muscular as well as his biceps. I rest my hand on his neck, replaying the events of last night in my mind. I had sex with Nate. It was against the law- he would probably ask me again. His eyes open groggily and smile at me. "Good morning beautiful." He pulls me onto his stomach with incredible force and kisses me slowly. He sigh into his mouth and he breaks the kiss and I tangle my fingers into his hair, staring into his eyes. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.......

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