Dark Dreams


4. 4.

I walked in and followed the girls up to Tansy’s room. It was huge so we were all staying in there. As soon as I put my stuff down and sat on the floor, the girls shot questions at me.
“So, what’s his name?”, Fara asked. I looked at her. I could technically not tell them anything, I finally had a secret. I had power. I smiled. There was no way I could keep a secret for long.
“Ace”, I said.
“Ace? Like a pack of cards?” I nodded. Caia went next.
“How old is he?”
“Seventeen”, the girls went crazy over that.
“An older man?!” Tansy squealed.
“He only turned seventeen two weeks ago! He’s our age!” They were impossible but I knew they were kidding. It felt nice to keep things light instead of Ace’s straight-faced mood in the car.
“So what’s he like?” Ocean asked. She seemed a little more serious than the others, still bright but concerned.
“Well, he’s nice, smart, mature and really open with everything.” Well, that was more due to me than him but still.
“Sounds perfect!”, Caia said.
“Not bad looking either!”, Fara said, wiggling her eyebrows at me. Ocean kept looking at me weirdly.
“What’s up, Ocean?”, I asked.
“I was just trying to figure out if everything went okay. I mean, you didn’t know he even existed a few hours ago but now you seem like you’d trust him with your life. What happened?”
“Well, we got talking as we were walking. I didn’t fully trust him to start with but it turns out that his mum knew my mum.”
“Knew?”, Ocean asked.
“His mum, uh, died, eight years ago. Adara Calloway. It was a car accident. I’d forgotten about it until today.” Ocean looked apologetic.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I was just looking out for you.”
“No, it’s okay. I didn’t know until he said his second name.”
“Sooo”, said Fara, trying to break the awkwardness, “Ooh, Grey, did you get his number?” I nodded.
“Call him!” they all shouted simultaneously. It’s as if they’d planned it telepathically in the split second before they replied. I pulled out my phone. I didn’t want to ring Ace but I knew the girls would make me. I went to contacts. Ace was at the top. Great. I rang and put it on loud-speaker. It hardly dialled at all. Ace picked up quickly.
“Hi, Ace, it’s Grey. The girls wanted to say ‘hi’ so say hello to Ocean, Fara, Caia and Tansy”
“Hey, everyone”, Ace replied. The girls giggled.
Fara spoke up. “So, Ace, what made you ask Grey out?” I was going to die of embarrassment. Maybe that’s what Ace had the premonition about. He could save me from this if he hung up. Fara could see that I was going to pretend to accidentally press ‘end call’ so she snatched the phone from my hand.
“Well, I was just looking around the coffee shop and spotted her. I mean, who wouldn’t, but I really spotted her and just thought ‘wow’. She looked about my age so I thought I would chance it.” I was going as red as my hair. Ace continued. “When I actually talked to her, I realised how amazing she was.” I was going to kill him. Did he not realise that they would talk about it all night now!? Fara, Tansy, Ocean and Caia kept laughing. Fara handed me back the phone and I turned it off loud-speaker.
“I hate you”, I said, only half kidding.
“Love you too, Grey. There’s something I forgot to mention earlier. Can you get away for ten minutes?” I turned to the girls. They had been eagerly looking at me like puppy, begging for food.
“Is it alright if I go talk to him outside for ten minutes? I can ring him back if it’s a problem.”
“No, Grey, go talk. We’ll wait for you.” Tansy said, grinning. The girls were giggling again. I knew they would talk about me whilst I was away. I got up and walked downstairs. Tansy’s parents were away for the evening so I stood in the lounge.
“So, what is it?”, I said. I hoped it wouldn’t be anything terrible.
“Okay, so you know when you have a normal nightmare, it’s in colour? Well, if you generally dream in colour anyway, premonitions are in black and white. When I dreamed about you, there was an exception. You were in colour. Nothing else, just you. Everyone else was black and white, just like the background. The fact that you were in colour can only mean one of three things and you personally aren’t going to like any of them.”
“Me personally? So you like at least one of them!?”
“Well, one doesn’t sound so bad”, he said. I knew he was grinning eventhough I couldn’t see him.
“Okay, so what are they?”
“Meaning one: I fail to save you, meaning two: I kill you or meaning three:… you’re, er, my true love.”
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry. I know it’s not preferable but surely you’d rather meaning three?”
“I think I’d rather you kill me.” I said. Ace chuckled. Ace? My true love? I hardly knew him. I mean, I certainly preferred that option, although I wouldn’t tell him that. “Was that everything then?”
“Yeah. Everything alright?”
“Aside from everything that’s happened today and the story you gave before meaning the girls will torture me all night? Yeah, just dandy.”
“Okay, well, again, I’m sorry for it all. I still don’t fully understand it and why it chose you but it did so I have a job now. Ring me again whenever you get chance. If I don’t talk to you again today, goodnight.”
“Alright, ring me if there’s anything else. Goodnight.” I stood smiling in the kitchen.
“Grey? Are you still there?”, Ace said. Whoops, I had forgotten to hang up.
“Yeah, sorry, I meant to hang up. See you-“
“Wait”, Ace interrupted. “What I said before, to your friends? It wasn’t entirely a lie.” What? So, did Ace like me.
“Ace what does that mea-“ He hung up. “Damn it, Ace”, I muttered and walked back upstairs.

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